Saturday, 31 October 2009

Kissing and Telling.....we all do it!

I am just a dry babe at the moment. I get too tired from work so bad that I just eat
and sleep off. I love my blog but my brain isn't even giving me the slightest clue as to what to blog about.
Then someone graciously tagged me and I thought to myself just blog about this joo and stop being lazy. Life is all about variety now, so we shall deviate from the normal gbeborun and just deal with

1.My last kiss......was with my boo and little boo (his was filled with saliva and dribble tho)

2. I am listening to.......sonny with a chance on Disney Network.

3. I talk........a lot. At home, with friends and most importantly with boo. I am sure sometimes he wishes I can just go mute. lol

4. I love.......God, me, boo, my son and of cos anyone reading this.

5. My best friends .....they know themselves now abi.

6. My first real kiss........was in Uni.

7. Love is..........from the heart.

8. Marriage is........a job but love makes it easier in a way.

9. Somewhere, someone is thinking..........I am going to give Temmytayo a million naira.

10. I'll always be grateful for..........what God has brought me through.

11. The last time I really cried was because...........I didn't have a job and i was tired of staying at home.

12. My cell a blackberry. Hee Hee.

13. When I wake up in the morning............I first say a word of prayer then study my bible.

14. Before I go to bed.......... I shower, pray and count sheep before sleeping off.

15. Right now I am thinking about..........stopping this and getting ready to go to the gym.

16. Babies are..........God’s gift. We should handle with great care.

17. I go on face book everyday.........i look out for new pictures really.

18. Today I..........will be going to the gym. Make lunch and then read some books I have been trying to read since Jan last year.

19. Tomorrow I will church for 7 am, come back home and sleep!

20. I really want to be........what God has planned for me to be. He is not done with me yet.

21. Someone that will most likely re post this is.....all of you now.

Sunday, 18 October 2009

2 years today, I am grateful to God.

Funny how time flies.

It is exactly two years today that I have been living with and loving my boo. Marriage is a good experience when the hand of the Lord is in it.

Today I remember how much I badly wanted to marry my Ex. Peeps that are familiar with my tales will surely remember how I cried, wailed, sobbed and did all sorts when Ex decided to throw away the 5 years we spent together.

To cut it all short, I bless God for the 2nd of April 2007 when I spoke with boo for the first time and couldn't get over his ''voice''. I guess I became hooked on that voice since then. Ours was like a fairy tale. We met and married under 6 months and till today I bless God that I did allow myself to listen to God and not my heart.

I have not been the perfect wife but God gave me a man that sees my weakness and still chose to be my strength.

Thank you boo! Luv, luv and luv you.

Tuesday, 13 October 2009

10 questions for the single and married.....

To everyone that did me the honours of passing through this page to congratulate me.... I appreciate thee. Ese pupo, thank you!

Training isn't so much fun at the moment joo but I can't possibly complain now. I shall let you know as things unfold in my new environment.

Back to the questions, here we go:

1. Why do single girls feel or think that married men are their best choice when it comes to boyfriends or future husbands. I personally think that a man that hides you from his wife and tells you in confidence that he doesn't love his wife anymore but you is only a lying bastard!

2. Why do we enjoy criticizing other peoples decisions about their life partners. How is it our business if Miss O decides to marry Mr A because he is from a comfy home? Shebi na their cup of tea be that now. Trust someborry like me I must talk oh. But I have changed sha,now I will wait till they start to beat themselves before I now say ''shebi I told you''. May God forgive me.

3. Why does it come easy to people to just believe that marriage will bring an end to loneliness? Kai, it doesn't work like that. I have this friend that feels that she is lonely now cos she is not married. I know and i have heard of married people that hardly talk to one another. If you find it difficult to relate with people in your single state then being married wont make any difference.

4. Why does it become so difficult in abusive relationships either mental or physical feel they wont find happiness again by leaving the scums battering them? Na by force? Is it until the man beats the daylight out of her?

5.Why does letting go of our body weight come easy to married women, especially after the first child. I am sure that a lot of women actually notice that they pile on weight in the stomach area. I am so guilty of this, initially i was bothered and i started exercise but now I have relaxed and my tummy looks as if i will be popping soon! Imagine if i was single, would i have allowed that?

6. Does being ''happily married'' makes anyone the judge and lord of someone else's marriage? This brings me to my Uncle B who feels that every man must behave like him to have a good marriage. Just beacuse he cheats on my aunt bit he settles her big time with cars, trips abroad and what ever she desires.

7. Why is it so difficult to move an after a breakup? I mean......

8. Why do we all want to use blackberry?

9. Why did i choose to blog about this sef by the way. Maybe writers block is affecting moi...

10. Thank God I made it up to 10. Ciao!

Friday, 9 October 2009

He never fails, it may tarry but it shall surely come to pass....


Shebi y'all know that i have been job hunting for a while now right? God has done it at last. After 6 months of staying at home my God surprised me in a way that I am yet to comprehend.

In the past months i have gone for interviews and when i say interviews I mean INTERVIEWS! From 1st stage to 3rd stage and yet nothing to show for it.Lol. Dropped CV with practically every body in Lagos and I was even duped once by one silly recruitment agency like that oh. Hee(what pple will do for 419 in Naija is amazing). Thunder will fire the yansh of the owner of that agency, can I hear somebody say amen please.

Ehen, as I was saying jare. Last Saturday my boo just told me he was gonna take my CV to someone in church on Sunday so I thot ok why not, there is no harm in trying for the 1,000th time. He came back and said the ''Oga'' wants him to bring me to his office on Monday which is the next day.

So I had to rush to the salon, hair wasn't sooo bad just that it could pass for a rat's nest. Ok, really do not judge me oh what is the point of making new styles every 2 weeks when I ain't going no where. That also brings me to this believe that it is so TRUE that women tend to relax after marriage. Gist for another post i guess. Anyhow, hair done, eye brows sculptured(lol) yours in Christ was ready to meet ''oga''.

We got there and the only thing he asked me was ''what did you study in Uni''? I answered and the next thing I heard was come back on Wednesday. So, I started preparing for the proper interview on Wednesday,went thru the coy's website, i asked around and blah blah. Got there on Wednesday and I was only given appointment letter. Now, tell me this is not God that has seen all my suffering that decided to reward me!

Moi, is starting training on Monday with the rest!

Help me say a big thank you to a covenant keeping God!