Friday, 29 June 2007

Thank you for saving me o BABA.

Chineke God, thank you o.
I am having a 3rd and a fourth thought about coming to live in Lagos. Yours truly ran the race of her life today while trying to run from thieves in broad day light.

My day started on a very funny note:

1. I did not feel like standing up. Then I remembered my cousin begged me to go back to Abuja with her by road. I hate travelling, not to talk of doing a 10 hour trip. But I agreed cos I love my cousin pieces.

2. Was stuck in traffic for close to 3 hours from the house to Ogba. I was already getting pissed but was managing my emotions well.

3. Then got into a cab to take me to Jibowu to book ABC transport to Abuja. Was in the cab for about four hours, eventually got to Ikorodu road only to see people running back and shouting turn back, hide your valuables e.t. c. Temmy don dey nearly piss for pants. Thief, barawo, ole! Mo ti daran. I had some money in my bag, I quickly brought the money out and hid it in the band of my jeans. The speed at which I got out of the cab will shame Carl Lewis, I was out like lightening!

4. I ran like a mad woman. In my head, I was thinking, stray bullet will not cut short my life in Jesus name. I could hear the gun shots from the other side of the road.

5. I stopped where I saw a large crowd and guess who I called? Mr O! Couldn't I have called my cousin? I must really like the man sha. He calmed me down and told me to cross to the other side of the road and get a cab to bring me back to Ikeja.

6. Till I got to Ikeja, I was just panting and thanking God for saving my life. What would have become of Mama Temmy wey don dey see me inside wedding dress or of Wildie who wants to be my Chief Bride's Maid, or of MR O who says he loves me recklessly.

7. I rest my case and I say THANK YOU BABA GOD!!!

Sunday, 24 June 2007

Naija 4 U!

The wedding has come and gone and I am happy.! Trust Nigerian government never to disappoint themselves. I am yet to understand the reason and the meaning of the four days strike that made us spend so much on fuel only to still agree to the N70/litre.

Well, the only good thing, at least I was able to sleep very well on Wednesday and Thursday before the wahala for the wedding started on Friday. Anyways, the wedding was grand.


1.Bride was in a couture ivory gown.
2.Groom feeling like a bloke in a blue tuxedo.
3.Temmy feeling like a chic in my gold native outfit with orange and black gele.
4.27 Grooms men.And we are talking about tall, dark and handsome blokes!
5.The brides maid were in silver dress with pink sash.
6.Both bride and groom went to the same University so that accounts for the number of guests at the wedding.

Nigerian government nearly spoilt my fun cos my mind was always on how to get fuel for us to leave Ibadan back to Lagos. Each time I looked at the couple and I saw how happy and radiant they looked............. Now I believe that love can actually make the world go round.

Wedding pictures????
I was very WARNED by the bride and groom not to put their faces on my BLOG. Can you imagine?

Mr O is cool. He was at the wedding.
Mt heart will soon burst with luf or is it lurve?
We shall see.

Tuesday, 12 June 2007

Random Gist

Aight, I must confess I am BORED! Safe for talking to Mr O every hour there is no other thing to do. Oh, I can remember o, i went bowling on thirsday and yeah, I had fun. I was a little tipsy thanks to 2 bottles sminorff ice and suya.

The wedding, well, I can't wait for that to come and go. Wahala is 3 much for me jare. Imagine the stress i went through to choose the style for my Aso Ebi, I spent 3 hours with the guy that will sew for me! Chineke, cant do that rubbish again.

Yeah, I got my dress back on Monday and it is erm ...... beauriful. When I wore it..... if you can come for the wedding sha you go see me in my beauty.Lol

Wedding is on the 23rd, bride and groom are as giddy as 2 rabbit on heat.Lol

I officially started dating MR O jare.(Note the word official, remember we already kissed so wetin remain) Whats the point deceiving myself, he has gotten under my skin. As a result of this, yours truly is quickly dashing to Lagos this weekend for a quick visit.

have got 3 close friends working down the aisle towards the end of the year. Now I have to do that ASO EBI business again. Funmi, I no dey find am funny o.

So Mr O asked me what I thought of being his partner for the rest of his journey through life? I am yet to answer. Cos that means, through thick and thin, sickness and good health, when there is money and when there is scarcely enough to manage. Haba! The thought is scary but something in me is saying: you can do it.

Thumbs up to the blog idol contestants, you guys are doing greatly. If only they made me a judge instead of BimbyLads(Don't tell her o, I don't like her and London Buki any longer)Lol

Temmy will be very busy. The wedding,finding time for Mr O and and of course dedicating a lot of time to my father in heaven.

I shall post the rice and eran didin from the wedding to the winner of blog idol o.

Thursday, 7 June 2007

Clean Bill

Hey peeps,how una all dey. Yours truly went for a comprehensive check up today at the National Hospital. I just wanted to check if my liver and kidneys still dey work perfectly well. Then my sister suggested that we do the HIV test! HIV ke? My liver just cut. I am not promiscuous but things like that just scare me. After psyching myself i agreed to do the test only to be told we are getting the results in 20minutes. I died a second time.

Results came out and yours truly tested negative, I went on my knees in the ward thanking Baba God for the results. Will be back in the hospital tomorrow for pap smear and other tests. May God help me.

Mr O came back yesterday, he surprised me. Bush man that he is.

I got this from a friend and I thought to share with you guys.

A relationships coach lays out his 5 golden rules for evaluating the prospects of long-term marital success.
When it comes to making the decision about choosing a life partner, no one wants to make a mistake. Yet, with a divorce rate of close to 50percent, it appears that many are making serious mistakes in their approach to finding Mr../Ms.Right!
If you ask most couples who are engaged why they're getting married,they'll say: "We're in love." I believe this is the no 1 mistake people make when they date. Choosing a life partner should never be based on love. Though this may sound not politically correct, there's a profound truth here. Love is not the basis for getting married. Rather, love is the result of a good marriage.

When the other ingredients are right, then the love will come.
Let me say it again:
You can't build a lifetime relationship on love alone.

You need a lot more

Here are five questions you must ask yourself if you're serious about finding and keeping a life partner.


Do we share a common life purpose?
Why is this so important? Let me put it this way: If you're married for 20 or 30 years, that's a long time to live with someone. What do you plan to do with each other all that time? Travel, eat and jog together? You need to share something deeper and more meaningful.
You need a common life purpose. Two things can happen in a marriage. You can grow together, or you can grow apart.
50 percent of the people out there are growing apart.
To make a marriage work, you need to know what you want out of life bottom line-and marry someone who wants the same thing.


Do I feel safe expressing my feelings and thoughts with this person? This question goes to the core of the quality of your relationship.
Feeling safe means you can communicate openly with this person. The basis of having good communication is trust - i.e. trust that I won't get "punished" or hurt for expressing my honest thoughts and feelings.
A colleague of mine defines an abusive person as someone with whom you feel afraid to express your thoughts and feelings.
Be honest with yourself on this one. Make sure you feel emotionally safe with the person you plan to marry.


Is he/she a mensch?
A mensch is someone who is a refined and sensitive person. How can you test?
Here are some suggestions. Do they work on personal growth on a regular basis? Are they serious about improving themselves?
A teacher of mine defines a good person as "someone who is always striving to be good and do the right thing." So ask about your significant other: What do they do with their time? Is this person materialistic?
Usually a materialistic person is not someone whose top priority is character refinement.
There are essentially two types of people in the world:
People who are dedicated to personal growth and people who are dedicated to seeking comfort. Someone whose goal in life is to be comfortable will put personal comfort ahead of doing the right thing. You need to know that before walking down the aisle.


How does he/she treat other people?
The one most important thing that makes any relationship work is the ability to give. By giving,
we mean the ability to give another person pleasure.
Ask: Is this someone who enjoys giving pleasure to others or are they wrapped up in themselves and self- absorbed? To measure this, think about the following:
How do they treat people whom they do not have to be nice to, such as a waiters, bus boy, taxi driver, etc? How do they treat parents and siblings? Do they have gratitude and appreciation? If they don't have gratitude for the people who have given them everything, you cannot you --who can't do nearly as much for them! Do they gossip and speak badly about others? Someone who gossips cannot be someone who loves others. You can be sure that someone who treats others poorly will eventually treat you poorly as well.


Is there anything I'm hoping to change about this person after we're married?
Too many people make the mistake of marrying someone with the intention of trying to "improve" them after they're married.
As a colleague of mine puts it, "You can probably expect someone to change after marriage ... for the worse!" If you cannot fully accept this person the way they are now, then you are not ready to marry them.
In conclusion, dating doesn't have to be difficult and treacherous. The key is to try leading a little more with your head and less with your heart.
It pays to be as objective as possible when you are dating, to be sure to ask questions that will help you get to the key issues.
Falling in love is a great feeling, but when you wake up with a ring on your finger, you don't want to find yourself in trouble because you didn't do your homework.

Another perspective...
There are some people in your life that need to be loved from a distance. It's amazing what you can accomplish when you let go of or at least minimize your time with draining, negative, incompatible, not-going anywhere relationships.
Observe the relationships around you.
Pay attention.
Which ones lift and which ones lean?
Which ones encourage and which ones discourage?
Which ones are on a path of growth uphill and which ones are going downhill?
When you leave certain people do you feel better or feel worse?
Which ones always have drama or don't really understand, know, or appreciate you?
The more you seek quality, respect, growth, peace of mind, love and truth around you...the easier it will become for you to decide who gets to sit in the front row and who should be moved to the balcony of your life.
An African proverb states, "Before you get married, keep both eyes open, and after you marry, close one eye."
Before you get involved and make a commitment to someone, don't let lust, desperation, immaturity, ignorance, pressure from others or a low self-esteem make you blind to warning signs.
Keep your eyes open, and don't fool yourself that you can change someone or that what you see as faults isn't really that important.
Once you decide to commit to someone, over time their flaws, vulnerabilities, pet-peeves and differences will become more obvious.
If you love your mate and want the relationship to grow and evolve, you've got to learn how to close one eye and not let every little thing bother you.
You and your mate have many different expectations, emotional needs, values, dreams, weaknesses and strengths.
You are two unique individual children of God who have decided to share a life together.
Neither one of you is perfect, but are you perfect for each other?
Do you bring out the best in each other?
Do you compliment and compromise with each other, or do you compete, compare and control?
What do you bring to the relationship?
Do you bring past relationships, past hurt, past mistrust, past pain?
You can't take someone to the altar to alter them. You can't make someone love you or make someone stay.
If you develop self-esteem, spiritual discernment, and "a life" you won't find yourself making someone else responsible for your happiness or responsible for your pain.
Manipulation, control, jealousy, neediness and selfishness are not the ingredients of a thriving, healthy, loving and lasting relationship.
Seeking status, sex, and security are the wrong reasons to be in a relationship.

7. DAILY EXCHANGES (a meal, shared activity, a hug, a call, a touch, a note)

If these qualities are missing, the relationship will erode as resentment, withdrawal, abuse, neglect, dishonesty and pain WILL replace the passion.

Friday, 1 June 2007

My Self

My full name abi??
I know say you go wan know.... Anyways I am Temmytayo Abimbola Omo Mr and Mrs A.
I was born 28 years ago( yeah, I know I am ancient:my cousin's way of describing people over 25). I started school early enough to leave at age 9. Entered secondary school at 10 years and of cos using 36' s words i was bloody flat chested. Not that it really mattered then anyways, I didn't even know the shakara I could do with breasts. They decided to come out when I was in SSS 1. Imagine that.

I am quite brilliant, well I need to blow my own trumpet now. I had double promotion in primary School, was the best student in my secondary for 3 years running(until i started to read mills and boon). Was the best french speaker/student in Oyo State in 1997. I cannot say'' sit down'' in french anymore, where all the francais went to, na only God know.

I hate any form of calcualtion. How I ended up with a degree in Economics I am sure you will wonder. Left Economics for Marketing. It is too sure I might end up a maths lecturer in the next 10 years.

Temmy can TALK!
Temmy is a shoe freak.
Not so much a bag person, I can carry 1 bag for a whole year without any stress.

I had my first boyfriend in University, can you imagine, when my some of my friends lost their ''chastity'' at age 15! I guess because chest was flat, the boys were not that attracted, maybe not. It is too late to find out now.

University for me was fun, I was every body's friend. Cute body, a bum to die for, well to sum it up beauty and brains(I hope Delilah 3 will not get to read this, she thinks she is the one with both qualities).

Oh, I met my Ex at uni, we all know the story.

During my NYSC, I had a huge crush on Akinwale the man with the cat eyes.

I grew up to love cars...
Right now I can trade Mr O for the latest RANGE ROVER!
I have never been a food fan, maybe that is why I still remain a size 6.
I am a hopeless romantic, that accounts for why I have watched ''There's something about Mary like a thousand times''. As for Maid in Manhattan, I can repeat the lines after J.Lo.

I used to think that I like music until Omotola and Genevieve released or rather ''waxed'' their own albums o. If we all call that music then...... (No beef intended o)

My Family:

What can I say: Ma famille est fantastique!

4 gals and a boy. The funniest family you can ever think of, we make a joke out of everything under the sun. My sisters are best described as chaotic 3.
We call my father CHAIRMAN.
Yeepa, my mama ! She is called chair girl or call her by her first name: flaky baby.

I remember those days when she used to punish us, corporal punishment. My mum can throw anything at you when she is angry. She once beat me with hot orogun(the stick) she removed from the amala she was making for our lunch. I had the mark on my back for a long time. There was a time in my life I thought it wasn't possible she actually gave birth to me. I guess old age has taken all the excess energy away from her. I still love her tho.

And oh, Indian films.... Then I used to stay up till 12am to watch Indian films on BCOS. Those days of Amar, Akbar and Anthony. With every one I watched, I must cry.

As a matter of fact when it comes to crying, Stella Damasus can't beat me o. I cry for anything, cry at weddings, burials, birthdays, a lovey dovey text can make me cry, when my once upon a time very good friend betrayed friendship, I cried, no I wailed loudly.

I have known Wildcat all my life, thank God we now live in different countries. The things we did.......................... Story for another day. She is a better story teller, will tell her to.

There was a time I was obsessed about English names, I gave myself Michelle. Ask me the reason, I don't know.

And on, I am a very shy person o. When I tell people that I like staying indoors, dem no know say the reason na because I no dey like to be in a crowd. I thought I had gotten over it until this April in Lagos. Mr O begged and begged for like 4 days to take me to the cinema. I kept saying NO, in my heart ehn, I'd rather be with him somewhere quiet than to be in the midst of plenty unknown faces who of course are minding their own businesses o. That is just me.

There are 3 important men in my life: My father, my brother and Mr O. The 3 of them can be so annoying o but what can I do?

T Minx: I didn't get your sms.

And eh, it's a new MONTH.

I pray it brings us all joy untold.