Wednesday, 20 October 2010

Funny How Time Flies......

I appreciate everyone that stopped by to encourage me. You guys are the reason I am back here today(red face and blushing). I am really trying to get my groove back on. Thanks guys.

Yeah,Monday the 18th marked 3 years that I started that journey called marriage with my boo. It has been 3 years of fun, fights, arguments,he has made me cry, he has made me consider snuffing the life out of him via pillow suffocation some times. Well, I guess this is what marriage is all about. Learning to live with and accommodate each other's weaknesses and even strengths.

In my heart I know that another man wouldn't do it for me...I LOVE MY HUSBAND! But why cant men just understand what women want. Why cant they just get it that we are supposedly the weaker sex and we need to get away with some things. for me i find it totally annoying and frustrating when my husband wants to hang out on a Friday night. I don't like going out and i;d rather we both stay at home. he is the opposite and maing him stay at home is like getting out 2 year old to pound yam! He becomes restless and it pisses me off. Truth be told,I thought I was going to get over it but no it still annoys me any Friday he decides to rebel by hanging out. Am i being unfair? IS he not supposed to be doing what makes me happy?

Before marriage, I was so scared of pre marital sex mainly because I had this nagging thought that I was going to get pregnant and then my parents would kill me! That thought followed me through my Uni days and you can bet i lost a few relatiosnhips due to my stand.

I can remember vividly that on my wedding night, i told myself that now that i have been given the certificate to let go I was going to make up for the lost years(lol)
But hey I am yet to fulfill that fantasy. I get too tired after work to even think of sex which is damn right annoying!

And to make matters worse little Temmy sleeps right on our bed and in the middle. He has perfected his sleeping position so excellently that if his dad tries to cross over him to my side of the bed he springs up like and athlete. I just wonder if the boy sleeps at all, he couldn't be pretending to be sleeping now abi?

I have been advised to bounce him from our room but hey...I am so attached to him and i am so confused. ever heard of being in love with two men? I guess that is my dilemma. Help!!!!!

Tuesday, 12 October 2010

I Still Can't Get The Vibes....

I promised myself and a few friends that I was gong to start bogging again,i think i made that promise under duress oh! It has been one hell of a week,trying to juggle being a mother, a wife, well plus being a slave for the Lagos State Govt too. It is not fun cos i am not a super woman.

One minute,I get the idea of what to blog about and the next minute you hear little Temmy screaming ''mommy'' I want food! Just as that is being settled, its my phone ringing or a text message to remind that I should be at work early for a meeting. Urgh! Not forgetting the fact that the Mr doesn't get enough attention like he used to. Now that is story for another day.......

Ok,I am officially totally random jare. I think the best thing I have done to this blog is to even put a few things down today, I am hoping the vibes would come back quickly. I miss blogging and I miss blog world.