Sunday, 24 May 2009

So, I dont close my eyes when I kiss.....

I have been meaning to write about this for about 2 weeks now but well as mama pickin concain(concern) no time jare. If I am not changing diaper, I am either cooking or sorting out their (baby and hubby's) clothes. I have never met a man so untidy in my entire life. That is story for another day.

My husband takes pride in just dropping clothes all over the room. Imagine him just coming in from work, well as a solicitor he is mostly in suits. He leaves the jacket in the living room, shirt on the floor in the room cos it is dirty, the trousers probably go on the bed and his vest/singlet right on baby's box of clothes.

I end up picking up after him and it is driving me crazy but well....I LOVE HIM.
But I need to know why men just do this. Painful!

Ehen, I was talking about not closing my eyes when I kiss,does that make me weird? Na by force? I still can't comprehend why I have to close my eyes.

I guess I became like this in those years of kissing so many toads before meeting the prince. LOL
Why wont i want to see what i want kiss. Check the mouth out for pieces of meat or vegetable lurking in between teeth or even the slightest sign of plaque~ now that is totally disgusting. I know but sorry it is the truth.

For Temmytayo if u have to kiss at all, open your eyes wide!. Maybe I am weird oh, just maybe..

Friday, 15 May 2009

My First Night As A Married Woman...

After all the hoola hoola pooh of planning the wedding, spending all my savings on highly frivolous things that if u ask me now are lying wasted in my wardrobe...uhmn...shebi one would definitely expect the wedding night to be know now.

Anyways, the wedding programme was all done in 5 hours which to me is the best way to get married. Why bother to spend he whole day dancing,kneeling for uncles and aunties you probably never met before the wedding day. You just might even have to contend with your friends fighting over who is the closest to the bride. Like that would be a pill to make the marriage itself work!

As i was saying jare, so we got to Lagos around 5pm and I had to wait outside for about 2 hours before my In-laws started their normal ''ritual'' of praying in the home chapel before the bride can be officially admitted.

Odikwa serious, I was already tired and was feeling very feverish. I wonder, maybe it was the thought of ''I won't be able to run away from this man oh if he pisses me off''. My parents don tell me say I no get bed space for our house again. Imagine, those people didn't even wait for me to be married before they gave my room to the new house help! I am sure I was also here is the thing that has always been giving me shivers....I can no longer say no to ''coitus'' ok i mean love making. What if this bros that I love to bits says ''coitus'' has to be every night? Chei!

Ok, we sha used 2 hours to pray and by then I was already weak in the knees. My nose was running like a tap, eyes watery. By the end of it all I remember my brother in law guiding me upstairs to lie down for a while cos i was really weak. I could hear everyone throwing jibes at boo that he should take it easy with ''our wife'' oh.

I had my bath and changed into one of the negligees i got as a gift during my bridal shower. Uhmn, i even dabbed a touch of perfume. I laid on the bed just to catch my breath only for me to wake up at 8am the next day! I slept all through the night. Yours truly was down with fever for the next 3 days....Shame!