Saturday, 11 April 2009

Dunno what to do with myself

The time is 2am naija time and i am still awake checking facebook and now blogging. Hubby is out with pals for a bachelors eve,only God knows what is going on at the place at the moment. Am i bothered? Do I look/feel buvvered????? ISH.....if only i can be a man just for tonight and see what goes on behind closed doors.....

Facebook is boring sef, a few blogs made me laugh. Vera is just MAD!
By the way,I am not shedding weight oh, tummy is still as big as 4 months pregnancy. Wetin i go do now?

My son fell tonight and that made me cry. He has a deep cut on his upper lip and boy you needed to have seen blood. If we were still in the UK i am so sure police go don arrest me for child neglect due to addiction to the Internet and chatting!

I feel so bad. I just pray it doesn't leave a scar,might not forgive myself if it does.

Ok, i m beginning to feel sleepy. Off to bed before I start typing rubbish.

Sleep Tayo,sleep..............