Saturday, 26 January 2008

Super Eagles ni o.

I knew something was going to push me headlong towards this my blog again. Never thought it was gonna be my favourite Super Eagles or some comments I came across over some of my favourite blogs.

Fine, I do not have the passion to blog but nothing happened to my passion for reading other people's blogs whenever I feel like(cos i can sense someone raising nose already).

Back to Super eagles, whether Nigeria qualifies or not I'd have to speak to Yar Adua to sack the coach. His last minute changes in the match against Mali nearly gave me high blood pressure. For this reason he is guilty of wanting to snuff life out a future Naija Millionaire. Imagine me passing on to glory because of those silly boys, the angels will be too angry they will flog me back to planet earth!

What a better way to be defeated, group stage matches...... ok o. God dey. All I know is I am changing nationality till after Nations cup. Considering Congo or Sudan.

Ehen, talking about other things, what do people gain from being faceless and anonymous and their sole aim is to look for other people's faults. The thing pass me o. It is a free world, people can choose to lie on their blog, free to form or make up stories. Yours is to read and leave comments if you like, if you don't move on!

I have fav blogs that i hardly leave any comment,sometimes because I do not agree with the writer's opinion but I always remember that everyone is entitled to their opinion in life. A cup can either be half full or half empty, it depends on how we see it individually. I tire o. Now they have chased away 36inches from blog world.!