Wednesday, 14 November 2007

30 days of 15

This is the 15th day of the thankful post. I was tagged by LIFE OF A STRANGER CALLED ME.

Lord i am thankful.

A billion tongues will not be enough to tell the whole world what a wonderful man you are. You brought me out of the miry clay, you set my feet on the rock to stay, daddy you put a song of praise in my mouth!!! Thank you Baba.

Where do I start from?

From YOU being my guide and guard, an ever present help in times of trouble.

The only one that makes me feel safe and secured after every conversation.

The only one that doesn't tell me that all hope is lost.

The only person that said to me that as long as HE is GOD, then I have no reason to be afraid of my tomorrow.

The only reason why I am always happy.......................

I have every reason to bless God, HE surprised me. Early this year, I lost all hope, I used to cry myself to sleep, cry on the bus, cry when talking to friends(I can cry). I can remember vividly my cousin asked me if I am truly a child of God and if I truly believe that He does things at His own time.

I nearly slapped my cousin, I love God,I do his will. Why did he allow my heart to be broken? Where was He when things were going wrong. Little did I know that He was preparing me for another phase of my life. He was also preparing the person that will walk it with me, he made us meet when we were not even searching. He made everything so divine and amazing.

Daddy, I also want to thank you for the favour I have enjoyed this year, the favour yet to come.

On a lighter note, the devil is a liar. My blog just refused to connect all through the day.

I tag Omohemi Benson, Bimbylads and princess yayi.

Monday, 12 November 2007

The Journey.................bits and pieces.

It all started on the 11th of October for me when i left the UK,hey please never fly virgin Nigeria again please. That was my first time and surely my last time. Got to the airport for 7am for a 10am flight, we didn't leave Gatwick till 3pm, let me just spare you the horror of the details but thank God I got home safely.

Slept all through the 12th and 13th of October. Jet Lag

14th of October I remembered I am suppose to hold a bouquet..... you'd wonder why i didn't do all that from the UK abi, I wasn't just composed. Got a lovely wine and gold bouquet from the wedding centre on Toyin Street in Lagos, from there rushed to get beads for my native for the engagement. I wanted beads, just wasn't down for the ''you have to wear gold necklace bit''.

15th I was at the Tailor's place, yeah this is where the wahala started, the blouse was too big. For crying out loud the monkey took my measurement!!!!!!!!!!! See why i didn't want to do the regular iro and buba cos i hate to tie wrapper and the blouse falling off my shoulders. The monkey succeeded in ruining my day, Great!

17th left for Ibadan my hometown for the wedding. Got home and developed a nasty cold, sneezed till my nose became to sore for me to breathe. I began to panic,how on earth is this going to stop.......hubby began to pray.

18th: I woke up around 6 am to have my bath and get my hair done. The lady that made the hair and make up came some 5 minutes after 6am. Yours truly miraculously stopped sneezing!

The engagement party started at 8am. I wanted everything done in one day.

Church service was at 11am,as i walked down the aisle i was all smiles. My brother kept smiling at me and winking. Cheeky dude!

Time to recite vows,i started to cry. I couldn't believe i was telling hubby in front of friends and family that it is only till death do us part

I raised my tears drenched face to the minister of God and watched as he joined me and my sweetheart for life..I looked back towards my parents, Papa Temmy was crying. I cried more. I knew at that point that my father would have preferred Temmy to be his little girl for life. Na so the love reach. He was happy to see me getting married but at the same time I would always be his little girl.

Yours truly ruined the artistically crafted make-up. I dreaded seeing the pictures later.
Before i knew it, we were at the reception. I guess time just flew by because I was lost in the ocean of my hubby's adoring eyes. We couldn't take our eyes off each other. I guess I was outright sexy in my wedding dress. Its always good to give them something to look forward to. He was a sight to behold in that dark blue suit.

Well, I had to change out of the sexy dress into the aso-ebi and mark my words we made a gorgeous couple. You need to hear the oohhss and aaahhs when we danced into the midst of well-wishers. My hubby looked like a million dollars in the agbada, though he didn't want to wear it at first but I managed to convince him.

After the reception, there came another bout of crying. Suddenly I realised I was really leaving my parents and siblings. Not that Mr O was taking me to Sokoto but it just became clear to me that I was a married woman. That my husband now is my first family and priority.

What was most comforting in the overwhelming activities of the past six hours was the vision of my kid brother waving to me as I was whisked away to begin a new life as Mrs O.
'' See you next week' were his cries as his slight figure gradually faded into the distant.

I miss my brother....... I so miss him. The memory of his teary face will stay with me for a long time to come.