Friday, 30 March 2007


Oluwatosin Tajudeen...............

Yeah, I met Tosin when I was in my year 2 in the University. Tosin is the playboy that every sane girl runs from, but not your Temmy! He was in year 1 then but he was well known in school.

1. For his good looks.
2. He is a charmer, with words and expression.

Why I fell for him:

He has a slight stutter that gets bad when he is excited or angry. I found that very sexy. You can imagine how funny he gets when he is trying hard to explain something to me. For one, I always feign innocence and he goes on and on telling me the same thing. lol.

We started dating. My first ever boyfriend..... I was in Part 2 in UNI. Didn't I just really take my time getting one!

It was fun. He is a lovely person. He comes to my faculty just to tell me that he thinks I am the best thing that ever happened to him. Ok, Just because I have dark skin no mean say I no dey blush o.

We were together for 10 months and then Tosin wanted more............
Ha, ko ma ti ya ke. Wait now, the boy no gree hear me. Monkey. He wanted to take my cherished innocence away without my consent. I no go gree.

Then one day, he came to see me in my hostel. We were in Luluagi's room, gisting. Then he pounced on me. Haba, even if you want to rape me, have the decency of doing it in my own room now.

Gboa! Came the sound, that was Temmy Slapping Tosin.

I thought the boy was going to beat me green and yellow cos black and blue will be an understatement.

Na so the boy rub his cheeks, gave me a peck on my forehead and left, here I was curled in one corner of the room expecting the bashing of my life.

He sent his friends to beg, said I slapped him but never told anyone what he wanted to do.
I couldn't say it either, I knew going back to him will be to my own detriment. The boy will not only rape me, he will also get me pregnant and refuse to marry me.

But shebi na me now, we got back together!(yeah, i am silly)

How did we break up:

This is where Wildcat comes in. Wildcat never supported me dating him cos he is Muslim. Do you want to become an Alhaja was always her song. One day, Wildie and I were in my house when she used style to tell my mama that Tosin is a MUSLIM.

Yeepa, come hear as Mama Temmy started: Lailai not in this house, your father is an elder in the church, you want to disgrace him abi. Biko, who is talking about marriage. I was then in Year 3 in Uni. See me see wahala o.

With Mama Temmy On your case, there is no way one will not succumb to her wishes, she will not give you breathing space until you do her wish. I left Tosin for good.

The 1.5 years with Tosin was fun,
1. He made me feel like a queen.
2. Because of his stutter, I learnt to listen well to people. The normal me, is hyperactive and a parrot.
3. He made me value friendship.

Ehen, i nearly forgot this part o. In the 1st 2 months of my relationship with Tosin, there is this babe in my class. Lets call her Halima the witch.
She came to me one day and said to me, why do you like Tosin so much, do you think he feels the same way about you? Tosin is a playboy o, in fact I know 2 girls that he is dating presently. I can take you to their rooms if you are interested.

No thanks, bitch! Actually bilsch is the right word!

She couldn't wait to grab Tosin when we broke up. I am sure she it all planned from day one. Emere omo.

They are married now, how she did it I am still trying to figure out. His best friend didn't go for the wedding. Said he was sure Tosin is under an influence. Lol
She is4 years older than Tosin and already looks like his mum, but I have heard that Love is blind. Their own LOVE is dead blind.

Temmy remains a friend of the family.

Monday, 26 March 2007


Hello peeps,

I sort of stirred up controversy with my last post abi. No be my fault. I guess i was just shocked ni. Sincere apologies to all of ya that was not warned about the content of the page you were about to view. E ma binu o.

A big thank you to everyone that has been a pillar of support for me, either by sms or phone call or emails. You don;t know how much you have encouraged me, thanks a bunch.

Remember that Papa and Mama Temmy gave me the ultimatum to get married in May 2007 and as the date was looming I began to fidget and fear for my dear life. A few days before I went off blogger, Mama Temmy called me and said, make up your mind if you are going to marry this boy or not.

Ok, great question. Do I really?

2 days later, I heard from grape vine that the babe Ex cheated on me with has relocated to Nigeria. Relocate ke? Where is she now? Abuja. This babe means business. Kudos to her for her guts abi. Being Detective Temmy in action, I got to know that Ex was not aware of her plans to relocate as she had lived in the states for 15 years and always said she was never going to live in Nigeria again. How did I hear all these: from Ex.

Temmy wanted to go to mad, shey i was playing hard to get to test the waters. To know if the guy still loves or just wants me back because of my cute backside and ever smiling
Now that Madam O don go Naija wetin man pickin go do.

For the 1st week, i was a walking zombie. I even disgraced you lot one day like that o. I was taking a walk on my street,listening to my ipod and started crying in the rain! Imagine, omo disgrace. Sorry all,my bad!

Then I called my mum and told her the latest ''security'' report. She then said to me: Don't blame yourself for whatever is not right in your life at the moment. Whatever is yours will definitely be yours. Sho ti gbo oko mi, pele ma ro inu mo(have you heard me my dear, stop thinking). That did it.That night i went to the cinema with the gals and boy we had fun baje baje.

I am going to blog about 3 guys that have shaped my life.
Oluwatosin(the Muslim)
Akinwale ( my great crush)
Abiodun( My Ex)

The ways they have improved my personality is awesome.

Tuesday, 20 March 2007

This Is A Disgrace To Nigerians!

I wasnt going to blog, but then just take a look at this:
This is absolutely disgusting, considering that people actually know this guy way back in Obodo Nigeria.
What Greed can lead to.

Sunday, 11 March 2007

For The World's Greatest Mum

How have I been?

I have been through all the phases there are....
In the past weeks, I have been moody, I have been happy, I have been very happy, I have been sad, I have cried, I have felt so unloved, so lonely, so miserable. I have felt foolish, stupid and everything that you can imagine. I find myself in deep tears while praying. I find myself laughing out loud sometimes for no reason. Then I cry when I listen to some songs.

Never try listening to Toni Braxton when you are hurting and smarting from a breakup, you can as well just stab yourself and watch yourself bleed to death. lol. It wasn't easy but the time off was surely worth it.

Coming back today was basically because of my mum. It is mother's day todayin the UK and of cos I remember how strong she has been in the face of trouble, for me and for my siblings. Mummy, this is for you!

Mummies are the bum!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

When you were 1 year old she fed and bathed you and the best way to thank her was by crying all night long.

When you were 2 she taught you to walk and you paid her back by running away when ever she called.

When you were 3 , she made all your meals with love but you thanked her by tossing your plate on the floor!

When you were 4, she gave you crayons but you thanked her by coloring the white sofa in the living room.

When you were 5, she got you all dressed up for that party but you thanked her by spilling drinks on it before the party.

When you were 6 she walked you to school, you thanked her by screaming ''I AM NOT GOING''.

When you were 7 she bought you a base ball, but well you thanked her by throwing it through the next door neighbour's window. Very cool....

When you were 8 she bought you ice cream, you thanked her by dripping it over your clothes.

When you were 9 she paid for your piano lessons, you thanked her by never even bothering to practice.

When you were 10 she drove you all day, from soccer to gymnastics and from one party to another. You thanked her by jumping outta the car and never looking back.

When you were 15, she came from work looking for a hug but you thanked her by locking your door.

When you were 20, she asked if you were seeing any one else but you thanked her by saying it is none of her business.

When you were 24 she met your fiance and asked about your plans for the future and you growled muuu-ther please.

When you were 25 she paid for your wedding , she cried and told you how deeply she loved you.You thanked her by moving halfway across the country.

When you were 30 she called with some advice in regard to the baby, you thanked her by saying that things a different now.

When you were 40 she called you to remind you of a relatives birthday but you thanked her by saying you were really ''busy''.

When you were 50 she fell ill, and needed you to take care of her, you thanked her reading out the burden that parents become to their children.

And then one day she quietly died and everything you never did came crashing down like thunder on you.

If she is still around, never forget to love her more than ever....
If she is passed on, never forget her love for you.

You can only have one mother in your life time........................

HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I will blog more about my 20 days off blogger in a little while.

I missed you guys!