Friday, 30 March 2007


Oluwatosin Tajudeen...............

Yeah, I met Tosin when I was in my year 2 in the University. Tosin is the playboy that every sane girl runs from, but not your Temmy! He was in year 1 then but he was well known in school.

1. For his good looks.
2. He is a charmer, with words and expression.

Why I fell for him:

He has a slight stutter that gets bad when he is excited or angry. I found that very sexy. You can imagine how funny he gets when he is trying hard to explain something to me. For one, I always feign innocence and he goes on and on telling me the same thing. lol.

We started dating. My first ever boyfriend..... I was in Part 2 in UNI. Didn't I just really take my time getting one!

It was fun. He is a lovely person. He comes to my faculty just to tell me that he thinks I am the best thing that ever happened to him. Ok, Just because I have dark skin no mean say I no dey blush o.

We were together for 10 months and then Tosin wanted more............
Ha, ko ma ti ya ke. Wait now, the boy no gree hear me. Monkey. He wanted to take my cherished innocence away without my consent. I no go gree.

Then one day, he came to see me in my hostel. We were in Luluagi's room, gisting. Then he pounced on me. Haba, even if you want to rape me, have the decency of doing it in my own room now.

Gboa! Came the sound, that was Temmy Slapping Tosin.

I thought the boy was going to beat me green and yellow cos black and blue will be an understatement.

Na so the boy rub his cheeks, gave me a peck on my forehead and left, here I was curled in one corner of the room expecting the bashing of my life.

He sent his friends to beg, said I slapped him but never told anyone what he wanted to do.
I couldn't say it either, I knew going back to him will be to my own detriment. The boy will not only rape me, he will also get me pregnant and refuse to marry me.

But shebi na me now, we got back together!(yeah, i am silly)

How did we break up:

This is where Wildcat comes in. Wildcat never supported me dating him cos he is Muslim. Do you want to become an Alhaja was always her song. One day, Wildie and I were in my house when she used style to tell my mama that Tosin is a MUSLIM.

Yeepa, come hear as Mama Temmy started: Lailai not in this house, your father is an elder in the church, you want to disgrace him abi. Biko, who is talking about marriage. I was then in Year 3 in Uni. See me see wahala o.

With Mama Temmy On your case, there is no way one will not succumb to her wishes, she will not give you breathing space until you do her wish. I left Tosin for good.

The 1.5 years with Tosin was fun,
1. He made me feel like a queen.
2. Because of his stutter, I learnt to listen well to people. The normal me, is hyperactive and a parrot.
3. He made me value friendship.

Ehen, i nearly forgot this part o. In the 1st 2 months of my relationship with Tosin, there is this babe in my class. Lets call her Halima the witch.
She came to me one day and said to me, why do you like Tosin so much, do you think he feels the same way about you? Tosin is a playboy o, in fact I know 2 girls that he is dating presently. I can take you to their rooms if you are interested.

No thanks, bitch! Actually bilsch is the right word!

She couldn't wait to grab Tosin when we broke up. I am sure she it all planned from day one. Emere omo.

They are married now, how she did it I am still trying to figure out. His best friend didn't go for the wedding. Said he was sure Tosin is under an influence. Lol
She is4 years older than Tosin and already looks like his mum, but I have heard that Love is blind. Their own LOVE is dead blind.

Temmy remains a friend of the family.


LondonBuki said...

Buki is FIRST!!!!

LondonBuki said...

Eyah... I like that he made you listen to people, patience is key. So you are an abebelube? LOL!!!

I like that even though he did somethings you did not like, you still appreciate the good things...

LOL @ The last part of the post about Halima!!! He's the one that married her jare!

ExcitedJade said...

wao....u got me thinking.. i dated a guy like that too in uni and most of my friends tried to discourage me then.. na wah o, of ocurse he was snatched by one of them.... some friends sha.../ (will blog about that soon) worry, the Best is coming ur way soon.

bimbylads said...

lollllll.. i love ur blog.. to think that i was also gonna put up a post about my ex'es ( one day).. how are u preparing for tomorow.. e go HAWT.. my dress is horrible, but TEMMY, LOOK OUT FOR ME O!!!
i cant wait for the continuation of the story..

Biodun said...

Love is blind too, I have heard, lol. glad u learnt somethings from him, that chick is off the chain for realz.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Temmylicious, nnne your mum sounds like my mum......Gosh.....she will probably start telling me about how I kicked whilst she was carrying me till today and how after all her suffeing I want to disgrace her like this...lolololol.

Love really is blind, but mine has eyes and can see lolol.

Have a blessed weekend.

temmy tayo said...

@Buki: Na me be abebelube abi?

2 strokes of cane for ya bum bum.

@excitedjade: Uni life was bummer. Things happen my dear friend. Things do.

@bimbylads: see ya tmrw. I am wearing bronze shoes. LOl. Will be looking for the leady in red. My top is too small but will wear it like that o.

@Biodun: Love now wears glasses. Some have chosen no too tho. lol See ya soon.

@LOASCM:mummies are the same everywhere. We cant but love them abi.

Omosewa said...

Wow, she got married to him?? That's mad oh! I can totally see my mom reacting the same way to me dating a muslim.Hmm thank God he didnt have his way, what kind of 'agro' was catching him ke, lolol. Have a lovely weekend sis Temmy, i dunno why dat video isnt playing, it's ridiculous:D

4wardnfiaca said...


this one is funny o,

halima the witch with the cat claws...they'll figure it out

Delilah 3 said...

Halimat the blicshing Witch abi? let dat rat catch you!! i told you that time to lets organize for her and rearrange her bleached face but you said NO, you wanted to play it cool. Maybe Oluwatosin's stutter would have been cured on that day and maybe we go dey talk happily ever married now but No, you had to let that gal escape. u know me when it comes to stuffs that i consider mine, i no dey joke around. we fit still organize sha just to let her know that we may be friends of the family but we still got it bad for her.hands dey itch me bad bad, Omo gal.

DiAmOnD hawk said...

wow...he almost raped u? ur friend was there??????????????????????? hmmmm....

how interesting that he married the same girl that warned u off him....maybe he is under the influence...but each his own...and he wanst for your we Thank God

temmy tayo said...

@Omosewa: they are married with a kid i think..

@4wardnfica: True o, she is a witch. Ask Wildcat.

@delillah3: shebi na make God no think say we be bad people that na why we no plan for am.

@Diamond hawk: He wanted to steal my innoncence,maybe if he asked nicely.....who knows.

Moments said...

In fact I cannot fit to laff ooo. You slap the guy?? you try ooo I guess I'll have the same though and like you just curl up in fear waiting for the bashing to come.

Anyway, good thing you left him and that he's now married o! only that this one he go marry mama :-)) the love must be serious. I wish them both the very best sha. Haba!!! 4yrs older ke?? I can't help thinking again.

Always good to find out someone influences you positivelyand can make you discover a diff. side of you, I guess that's the whole point of friendship.

How yo dey generally sha??

Daddy's Girl said...

Hmmm... interesting how much we can learn from the people who come into our lives. Temmy, you sound like a very fun and lively person. great post.

dolly said...

Nice post

I agree with u, their own love is dead blind