Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Me Myself And I.

Temmy is a very restless person.
I am already bored out of my skull in Nigeria.
All I do is eat, sleep, go on the net, watch movies. IT IS BORING!
The excitement of planning my sister's wedding is wearing out.
She has changed the colour of the Aso Ebi like a billion times.

I was so bored on Sunday, I had to watch SPIDER MAN 3. I am not a fan of Tobey McGuire.
After the movie, all I felt like doing was flying. See my life.

Thank God for the beautiful people that have decided not to abandon me to my fate.
Taurean Minx called all the way from Sweden. I appreciate your call babes.
Omohemi Benson: thank you huney.
Daddy's Girl: We need to hang out when i get to Lagos.
Yinka E (Mr O's best friend) thank you for always checking on me.
Belle: For always having time for me.
Biodun: thank you. I need to come to Atlanta o.

London Buki has abandoned me o.
I understand that BIMBYLADS has a lot going on for now, so she is forgiven.
I Miss Mr O.
Tho we talk like 10 times in a day but erm.... i don't know jare.

If the World was mine............

1. I will make sure NEPA doesn't take light.
2. It wont be too sunny for me to take a walk at 2pm.
3. My favourite perfumes are always going to be on sale.
4. Ferragamo will live right in my compound.
5. Gucci will be renting stores from me, that way i will get freebies.
6. Fendi will be dating someone in my family.
7. Donna Karan will have to stop designing anything apart from wallets.
8. Every man caught cheating will have his ''thing'' cut off.
9. Every woman caught cheating will be discharged and acquitted.
10. Simon Cowell will be my boyfriend.
11. George Clooney will be my sugar daddy.
12. Brad Pitt my Butler.
13. Jennifer Aniston will be my best friend.
14.Sarah Jessica Parker will be my personal shopper.
15. David Beckham will be my football tutor.
16. Celine Dion will bemy voice trainer.
17.Richard Branson will be my personal abi na private pilot.
18. Vera the blogger will be my P.A on social matters.
19. Cherub my aburo will be my P.A on spiritual issues.
20. Mr O will be my brother.

Ok, do you need any pointers on how BORED i am? I cant even think of what to blog about.
Please help me BEG Mr O to reduce his 3 weeks in the UK to 2 weeks o before I....... before I do nothing really.

Wednesday, 16 May 2007

In Abuja

Yours truly is back in Abuja. It was a great relief for me to leave the hustle and bustle of Lagos. Apologies to all Lagosians, una guys too rough for that side o. Coupled with lack of electricity! E don do for me. As a matter of fact, I tried!

If you know Temmy very well, you go know say I no too like to dey fly. Not with all the recent crashes in Nigeria. I no kuku get choice yesterday morning cos I couldn't just subject myself to 8 hours road trip.

Got to the airport for 11am, flight was with AERO CONTRACTORS. Flight was not till 1.30pm. While I was checking in my bags, i was told that the man after my heart will be on the same flight with us. I went weak in the knees almost immediately. This is a dream coming true.......

You need to know how much I love this man. It is so bad that at some point in my life I would have traded my EX to marry him and become wife number 35 and trust Temmy I told him so. He is such a pleasant old man. I asked him if he still does all those crazy dance steps and he said to me: ''Ko le tan la ra''(It is a part of me). We sat down together for about 15 minutes with me conducting a mini interview. At last he agreed to come and sing at my wedding.

Then I turned round and then it was PIUS IKEDIA. He used to play for SUPER EAGLES. For football lovers, he was once a star! We sat together in the waiting room catching up on football gist. A wonderful guy. Trust Naija now, flight was delayed for an hour! I don't even want to talk about the air hostess that served me drink on the flight......story for another day.


Mr O is in the UK at the moment for 3 weeks. I miss him a great deal but since his mum calls me every other day, I have decided not to miss him.

Can someone please warn DESOLA for me. Where did she come about the gist of Temmy being pregnant. I go swear for her o, big time. As a matter of fact I will send awon Isale Eko boys to go and beat her up. Lol.

Mr O sent me an email today, I so much wish I could share the details with you. Lets say excerpts from the email sha:

You know its funny,but i was so sure we were not going hit it off . Like said I had given up on women had no regards for them anymore till i met you. Still can not explain how you were able to do it,or how some man has not been able to snatch you, I guess God decided that despite my unbelief, he was going to make foolish my wisdom and make me realise why he is Lord over my life.

Mr O, maybe I should tell you that you are God's answer to my prayers. I told him to bring to me my friend, a brother, someone I can look up to morally, spiritually and in other ways. He brought you to me.

I know and I believe that you mean well for me.
You have told me.
You have shown me.
Thank you.

Friday, 4 May 2007

How Can Anyone Not Love Him?

How can a woman not love HIM?

*He is a gentleman

* He is confident

* He is a provider and protector

* He is rich and powerful

* He owns everything, there is nothing He wouldn't do for me

* He perfects all things concerning me

* He anticipates my wants and needs

* Every day He tells me and shows me how much He loves me

* I don't have to perform in order to earn His love

* He keeps all of his promises

* No one can influence His opinion of me

* He is the ultimate intimate partner

* He can't "disown" me because I am a part of Him

* He prepares a table before ME (Selah)

* He covers me and doesn 't expose me

* He wrote his loving words down so that I'll never forget how He feels about me!NOW THAT'S LOVE!!

Any man, who wants pointers on how to love a woman, should study GOD! Wake up every day and thank God for being the best "man" in your life!

TO ALL THE GOOD AND BEAUTIFUL WOMEN I KNOW!!! BE BLESSED!!!! Each and everyone one of us are going through tough times right now , but God is getting ready to bless you in a way that only He can.

Yeah, back to O and I.......

It has been fun since I came.
I met his folks..... i.e father, mother and the children. LOL. I can hear someone say that fast? Na so me sef see am o.

Temmy I think is in love or is it just excitement?
Temmy I know is so scared of all that is happening around her at the moment.
Temmy for sure is enjoying every minute of being in Nigeria.

I don chop suya o, I am not drinking the water.NEPA dey show their skill every minute.

MR O don show me off to every one that he knows.

And hey, trust Temmy not to disappoint.

Sad thing is, I cant say much on my blog o, Mr O don know say I get blog as a marra of fact he don read the post i put up about him. "LOVE ME IF YOU DARE''

He sent me an offline to say, You love me if you dare temmy. The cat is outta the bag, i have to be careful o peeps.

By the way does anyone know where FUNMI the blogger is? I am getting worried o.