Tuesday, 22 May 2007

Me Myself And I.

Temmy is a very restless person.
I am already bored out of my skull in Nigeria.
All I do is eat, sleep, go on the net, watch movies. IT IS BORING!
The excitement of planning my sister's wedding is wearing out.
She has changed the colour of the Aso Ebi like a billion times.

I was so bored on Sunday, I had to watch SPIDER MAN 3. I am not a fan of Tobey McGuire.
After the movie, all I felt like doing was flying. See my life.

Thank God for the beautiful people that have decided not to abandon me to my fate.
Taurean Minx called all the way from Sweden. I appreciate your call babes.
Omohemi Benson: thank you huney.
Daddy's Girl: We need to hang out when i get to Lagos.
Yinka E (Mr O's best friend) thank you for always checking on me.
Belle: For always having time for me.
Biodun: thank you. I need to come to Atlanta o.

London Buki has abandoned me o.
I understand that BIMBYLADS has a lot going on for now, so she is forgiven.
I Miss Mr O.
Tho we talk like 10 times in a day but erm.... i don't know jare.

If the World was mine............

1. I will make sure NEPA doesn't take light.
2. It wont be too sunny for me to take a walk at 2pm.
3. My favourite perfumes are always going to be on sale.
4. Ferragamo will live right in my compound.
5. Gucci will be renting stores from me, that way i will get freebies.
6. Fendi will be dating someone in my family.
7. Donna Karan will have to stop designing anything apart from wallets.
8. Every man caught cheating will have his ''thing'' cut off.
9. Every woman caught cheating will be discharged and acquitted.
10. Simon Cowell will be my boyfriend.
11. George Clooney will be my sugar daddy.
12. Brad Pitt my Butler.
13. Jennifer Aniston will be my best friend.
14.Sarah Jessica Parker will be my personal shopper.
15. David Beckham will be my football tutor.
16. Celine Dion will bemy voice trainer.
17.Richard Branson will be my personal abi na private pilot.
18. Vera the blogger will be my P.A on social matters.
19. Cherub my aburo will be my P.A on spiritual issues.
20. Mr O will be my brother.

Ok, do you need any pointers on how BORED i am? I cant even think of what to blog about.
Please help me BEG Mr O to reduce his 3 weeks in the UK to 2 weeks o before I....... before I do nothing really.


The Life of a Stranger called me said...

eeh so you want MR O to reduce his trip from 3 weeks to 2 weeks, but if the world was yours he will be your brother. NNe are you trying to send me mixed messages, I will not accept it. Ngwa tell the truth, if the world was your who will he be to you..LOL..

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

ooh by the way I AM FIRST!!!!!!!!

Vickii said...

Hey hun, I didn't realise you were in Abuja ... how long are you there for? Please enjoy while you're there, you're going to miss it when you get back!

Did you mean Brad Pitt would be your naked butler? Absence makes the heart grow fonder .. you'll see mr. O soon enough and it'll be totally worth the wait!

Enjoy yourself and since you have so much time on the net, you better update frequently!

azuka said...

Every woman caught cheating will be hanged, drawn and quartered!

azuka said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Uzo said...

LOL....Mega bored you must be...If you were working, then you would appreciate the sleeping and watchinhg movies thing...LOL

temmy tayo said...

@LOASCM: Ehen, shey na mixed messages ni. I dont know o. It is boredom, i am sure.

@Vickii: I am in abuja o, i know i will surely miss the sun.

@Azuka: u r wicked.

@Uzo:mega bored is an understatement.

azuka said...

I'm not wicked oh! You're not a guy so you don't understand the horror of getting 'it' cut off -- even getting a hit (as awful as it is) sounds better.


if u miss Mr O that much why on earth would u want him to be your brother? just curious.anyway, i hope u guys never stop feeling this way for each other no matter what happens. can i hear a big AMENNNNNN!!!!!!!!!!!!1

Ugo Daniels said...

Hahaha, eeya, sorry o! but wait ooo.

Yu said,"9. Every woman caught cheating will be discharged and acquitted."

why nah!

Omosewa said...

LOLOL@Brad Pitt would be your brother, too funny. Hehehe @ your sister changing the aso ebi color...i wish her the very best of married life.

Mr O, please shorten your trip, sis mi is bored:D

Allied said...

Ok.. Some things i dont get - How in the world would you make Brad Pitt your Butler? Ahh. if i had my way, he will be my husband!

Daddy's Girl said...

Emm.. your brother? Interesting. Nice wishes sha - I'd like Cherub as my spiritual PA too... LOL

londonnaijachic said...

so is it safe for us to call you Mrs O now :)lol! just have fun and milk all the sunlight and kilichi before coming back to obodo oyinbo

DiAmOnD hawk said...

so how much longer will you be home? e ba wa ki Brother O.. abeg tell him to rush back... how can he be in the UK when you're home... he shud take time o

ExcitedJade said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
ExcitedJade said...

Temmy, how far dearie... can c u're realy bored.. how far is mr Yinka E single?''lol

Anonymous said...

lol do u really like simon cowell?

TaureanMinx said...

Time will fly..hopefully. You are welcome darl, it was nice speaking to you

NaijaBloke said...

Na wah o ... so u dan become fuji musician wey u dey hail everybody now ..

LOL@ur thots

dolly said...

Gucci will be renting stores from me, that way i will get freebies........ not you, me

catwalq said...

joblessness should be abolished.
Aunty please go for a walk or if u can take it, go and round up all the clothes u do not need and take them to redcross...

temmy tayo said...

@An ibo dude's corner: AMEN!!!!!!!

@Ugo: women have been cheated for too log. That nah why.

@Omosewa: ose jare aburo , help me beg him o.

@Allied:Brad Pitt ke when we are not talking about George Clooney.

@Daddy's Gal:my cherub is too much nah.

@London Naija Chic: Well, Mrs O doesnt sound too bad. I am soaking the sun, i don black well well.

@Diamond: No mind him o, but na work carry am go. I need money. lol

@Excited jade: Mr E is not single. He is getting married in December o.

@Pink Satin: Not really but he amuses me sha.

@T Minx: I am still blushing.

@NaijaBloke: Shey i no tell u say i jam Sunny Ade ni. I go soon start to dey sing juju.

@Dolly: u have insect eyes sha.Ojukokoro.

@Catwalq: You are right.

Simply Gorgeous said...

Temmy my poor babe? Is it that bad?

"Every woman caught cheating will be discharged and acquitted." LOL...

Are you in Abuja? So let me direct you to a few places... You can go to Nicon and watch all of the prostitutes swindle old nasty grey haired men with shriveled up things out of their euros...

Or you can play the casino downstairs...

For relaxing times... take a walk at the children zoo, it is very peaceful. Or you can go to the amusement park with rollercoasters and bumper cars Naija style.

Or if that is enough head to Niger-state and watch the Gurara waterfalls it is spectacular...

Or will that make you miss Mr. O?

Keep me posted, bighead...

Ugo Daniels said...

Hi, am sorry for gatecrashing. The Nigerian Bloggers are doing a chain sumthn on the 29th on the just concluded and recent political events in 9ja.

Please, go to The Nigerian Proclamation to get more info.

Thank you!

olayinka said...

I adore all you lovly minds out there this is MR O himself. So i will only be a Brother if the world is urs abi? anyways just to let you know i am urs for life and goin no where love you to bits. U know we got to eat hence my trip and with all these Gucci this fendi that, may God help me i mean us.

temmy tayo said...

@SG: I am bored now, what do u expect. It may be a good idea going to watch the Gurara water falls.

@Olayinka: am i???????????????

diary of a G said...

9. Every woman caught cheating will be discharged and acquitted.

omohemi Benson said...

lol@ cutting their"thing" off.
Pele love, you see if you were in Lagos now, there will be things to do o!
Abuja is cool but somethings boring! Come over to the fun side.lol.
O will soon be home ok, just a few more days.

omohemi Benson said...

singing*Shina Peters"grammar grammar, no be my language.

I meant sometimes not somethings, please pardon I.

Anonymous said...

if i had bradd pitt in my life.. he would defintely not be my butler.. lol

Teva said...

Eh! i'm hurt!! why am i not on the list? Chai! now i know where i stand...LOL
Sweetie, when bored...take a new hobby. and jog around place u've not been to...i know its naija and it sunny but morning jog..u might run into some alhaji...LOL

bimbylads said...

my dear temmytayo404, bawo ni dear, u know ur my sugar in my tea.. even MrO cannot contest that, i have been very busy gaan ni.. got ur msn message, i noknow wetin dey do lawdamsel phone o.. ill give her ur number

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

temmylicious idooo.. when will you update now, I feel like a stalker, been waiting for an update for while now. Biko try fast fast...Hope your week has been great so far.

Biodun said...

ROFl, I love ur list girl, lol @ Donna Karen n cutting the guys things, lol
Thanks for the shout out but I know I could do better se, will holla @ u soon. Take care dear n find a hobby or something, If u like reading, start reading naija books they have good ones, pele n trust me I feel ur pain.

TaureanMinx said...

Did you recieve my text too?

The Pseudo-Independent said...

Thanks for stopping by and being hopeful.
Am actually on my way out now. Ill miss your blog however ill try to keep following. Just keep dropping me a line as and when you update. This blog is another candle in my heart that is flickering with a brilliant glow. Please dont let anyone blow it out

Vera Ezimora said...


Why do you have to gimme social matters? Why not something more substantial?? I dunno what yet, but I want something else...dammit!