Sunday, 29 April 2007

I am Home.

Hello peeps, Temmy is outta the UK.

I am in Nigeria at the moment.

Trip was cool.

O was at the airport to pick me up.

I am having FUN.

Blogging will not be frequent.

A lot has happened in 3 days.

I will be here for a while.

We go talk later about what prompted the sudden change of date for my departure.

Monday, 23 April 2007

Random Talk VIII

Hello peeps, sorry jare I have been so busy these days. As a matter of fact I am out of my house by 9am and hardly get back before 9pm. Which means, I have been missing out on my beautiful sleeping time of 8.30pm(imagine that). Anyways, shey everybody dey kampe?

I no kuku get gist sha but some things wey happen this last week get as e be o.

1. Please kindly inform DIAMONDHAWK that she is no longer my friend. She came to UK and was hanging out only with LONDONBUKI. I am jealous o, really jealous. Tho we spoke a couple of times and she even invited me to come for dinner which I couldn't make but I still dey vex for her. If you know please tell her she is no longer my friend! Period!

2. As usual, on the floating feeling thanks to O. The best thing that has happened to me in a long time. Uhmn. SOUL, the woman after my heart. Don't I just like when you leave comments on my blog. Thank you dearie. You will write a poem for me o, please. Thank you in advance.

3. Halima the witch in my previous post about the men in my life just gave birth to a set of twins. Chineke! Uhmn. God knows best.

4. Ex called me on Thursday to say hello, while we were talking i heard someone shouting at him in the background.

Voice: I have told you to stop calling her, if she really loves you why is she not back with you......

At some point the line went dead.

I later got an sms on my phone from EX. The SMS was sent by whoever was with him. She said and I quote : Don't send me romantic sms about love. My girlfriend doesn't like it. Please lets be polite.

I laughed for about 5 minutes. No 1. EX no fit send that kind text. ''romantic SMS about love''. Is English part of her problems too? Anyways, as y'all know that Temmy no go take that kind thing easy. I composed my own too.

You scum, what guts have you to send a text to my phone? I despise girls like you that suffer from inferiority complex. If you have any problems with your boyfriend sort it out with him! Maybe he forgot to tell you, I have donated him to scums like you. Yeah, excuse my french! I was just pissed.

Then I got a call from my friend in Naija last nite, she met EX in the hospital. Hospital ke? wetin happen? That Thursday night, EX and his bilsh had a good fight, the girl used her witch like fangs to design his body. Threw iron at him, missed his eyes, but hit his forehead. Killer!

Aawgh, she wants to kill him o. Na so I carry fone to call EX . He was sounding like a broken record. He told me how he was brutally attacked by the babe. It was so funny but I couldn't laugh. I said to him, u berra don't beat her cos she go call Police for you in Abuja, she only needs to give them N5000 them go beat you blue back.

Not that he doesn't deserve the stress the girl is giving As I was about hanging up, he said to me please always check on me. I pray she doesn't kill me by the time you call back. Like I care?
I send him go meet her?

Monday, 16 April 2007


I know you are WHO I have been waiting for
The only thing I feel now is a floating feeling
When you talk to me, you make me speechless
I feel like I am losing my mind.

It would have been a gruelling life if I had stuck with my Ex, if you can actually make me feel this way.
I don;t want to live my life without you.
I don't think anyone can appreciate me better than you have done in 16 days.
No one has ever made me feel this way before.
Baby, you got me good!

I can hear someone saying, Temmy, isn't this too early and too fast?
He knows my worth, he knows he is going to be a fool to let me go.

Ehen, I need to start blogging about other things o. Kai, I go soon bore you all to death with my love story. Festival of Life was cool Friday night. I don tell Papa God that 2007 is my year o, na only me catch all the prophesies. I am selfish, I know.

Tuesday, 10 April 2007

Easter Blues..............

Sincere apologies to all the men in the house, you are all invited to my parry o. Just that LondonBuki never tell us the date yet. Even Desola that is meant to contact the musician sef no talk anything. Can't leave comment on her blog? Chic warris happening?

Hmnnn, you all want to know about O I am sure. Gbeborun, y'all are.
O is not the O Bimbylad is thinking about o. O happens to be my friend's brother.
It all started the night of our blogger meet in London. He saw me on Saturday at my friend's wedding(his younger sister) and became hooked to my foine face! Bimby and Law I am sure you have a faint idea who O is.

All I know is, I am glad that I didn't make up with my EX.

I am dying to tell you about him but then I am trying not to jinx this.

Good Friday: He was with me. We walked half of London without knowing, we held hands, laughed, chased ourselves, i kept hitting me on the back cos he made me laugh so hard that tears came out of my eyes. (To imagine that I thought EX was the only person that can make me laugh that hard).

Got back home and my Ex's sister that came to spend the Easter break with me already made fried rice. Ok, I did introduce them. At that point when I did, without feeling anyhow, I knew it was bye bye to my love for Ex for good.

Temmy loves Naijafilms: He does too.
Temmy loves music: He is into it.
Temmy catches cold easily: He does too.
Temmy would stay at home on a weekend than do any other thing:OMG, he feels the same way!
Temmy doesn't like chocolates: He does not. He don commot all his teeth finish. Good.

Bottom line is, he likes most things that I adore. What else does a woman want.

Saturday: He came to see me again.
We watched a Naija film together.
We talked about our past relationships.
Then we kissed. It was brief. How it happened, I can't remember now. I am glad we did.

He left around10pm. Called me at midnite. We were on the fone till 3am.
Dozed in church. Kept smiling to myself. Silly girl.

Sunday Night: He left the UK.
I cried.

Monday morning: he was the first person I spoke to.
Spent the whole of yesterday on the fone with him.

For whatever reason that O is in my life, I thank God.

Temmy will be back to normal blog gist's if she is able to get O out of her mind.

Thursday, 5 April 2007

My 100th Post

My 100th post on blogger!

I don try o. Drum roll please. BimbyLads do I see you spraying me back my dollars. Lol
LawDamsel come and shake your cute ikebe to celebrate with me. LondonBuki, come help plan the parry. Vickii, I need idea on where to get dresses for the ushers.

Desola can you please contact Tosin Martins to come and sing for us. KSA is not bad sha, if he go gree. Diamond, you will say the opening prayers. Cherub my dear aburo I reserve the closing prayer specially for you.

Miguel will give the opening speech. And of course the MC is Olawunmi, LondonNaijaChic will be co anchor of programme.
My Own party has closing speech o and I reserve the honour to JAYCEE

Simply Gorgeous
Overwhelmed Naija Babe (come show off ur long legs)
36inches of brown legs
Daddy's Girl

Mamas of the Day:
Calabar Gal

Don't tell those mamas of the day, I made them mamas cos they are married so them go sabi out to cook very well.

LOASCM: You need to preach and save souls that day o.

Veralistic:chairwoman of the event. Seeing the pictures of her grandma's parry. She is fit for this role.

Wildcat: My bestest friend is going to give the vote of thanks.
Ehen jare, I am in love: round and round I go. I lose control, am in love. Whoever sang that song deserves a pat on the head, a kiss on the nose. That is exactly how I am feeling right now.

I went for an interview today and yours truly was thinking about a man! If I don't get that job it is all my fault o. While typing this post, he called again. Details of what he told me, I shall not disclose. I am locking them up in my heart for life, whether I date him or not he has opened a page in my life that no hurt or heart break can close again.

Will be back after Easter to tell you more about O.

But, is there anyone out there that believes in Love at first sight?

Tuesday, 3 April 2007

Love Me If You Dare............

To You O:

You have given me a new reason to believe in LOVE

You have all the qualities I want in a man

You told me yesterday that I talk with my eyes( I have been talking in front of the mirror since)

You said to me that my figure is fantastic (tho London Buki thinks otherwise)

That I shouldn't add weight, (bimby lads, u see am)

That I am going to be fat by the time I have kids

I can not believe that I spent 4 hours on the phone with a guy I just met

The moment I saw you, I knew I was hooked

You brought out a part of me that I never knew existed

For the first time, I thanked God for letting me have the courage not to go back to my EX

Last night, after you sent another sms at 2am, I told myself: where have you been all my life

Why didn't I meet you 3 years ago,

Why do you have to leave so soon after meeting you

I know that you are leaving the UK on Sunday, If I could stop you.........

If you ever dare to love me:

I will be the wind beneath your wings
I promise to stick with you
I will make US work against all odds
I will always believe in you.

You need to love me first.

I dare you O

I dare you.....

Sunday, 1 April 2007

So, she caught the bouquet..........................

I was not able to fool any one today, thought of doing April fool for my mum but then i thought berra. Don't want her to have heart attack at her tender age.

Oh yeah, I had a blast yesterday at Tolu's wedding.

The Bride:

I met Tolu 2 years ago and she has been my sweet little thing.
She is a darling, ever smiling, never angry(at least with moi), chitty chatty. All in all Ayo just got a package sha by marrying Tolu.

The wedding took place in Barking, and it took me about 3 and half hours to get to the venue. Cab driver did not have a satellite navigator, he was driving and feeling like he knows where he were going. Annoying thing is the man is about 60 years old and insulting him was just out of the issue. To make matters worse, he was chewing gum like a woman and I just wanted to slap him!

After going round and round, my gele even came apart in the process we got the venue peacefully. Praise God

Now it was time for me to start looking for the lady in red shoes!(bimbylads). Eventually i saw them:BIMBYLADS AND LAWDAMSEL. We have some very beauriful gals on blogger o. And shey the good part is we all went to the dance floor to show our skills jare. I beat them hands down, abi I lie bimby?

And ehen, to the gist of the day. I have been chief brides maid thrice, bride's maid countless times and I always run from the bouquet. Thou shall not catch the bouquet was my slang at weddings.

Sometimes last year, something told me that this idea of always a brides maid and never a bride no go work o,at 29, I don old jare. Na so I don prepare all my jumping cum diving skills that by force i must catch the bouquet at this wedding o. Even if it involves removing some one's arm in the process.

Tolu threw the bouquet and I CAUGHT IT!!!!!!!!!!!! Not that I actually caught, it fell down in front of me and i grabbed it. Lol

So I officially announce that Temmy is walking down the aisle this year o in Jesus name.

Fotos: that will mean, temmy is no longer anonymous, then you will also get to see Bimbylads and Lawdamsel. Nah mates! Lol.

Off to the blogger dinner date, will keep ya all posted. Will post about Akinwale in a couple of days.

This is to SOUL: you are a gem.