Sunday, 27 April 2008

Part 2(lack of what to use as title)

So I was practically dragged to the hospital by hubby and I was told to finish the biggest bottle of RAGOLIS water cos I have to go for a scan to see what is wrong with bloated tummy. Aight, yours truly sat in the hospital lobby,sipping my water and getting nervous. By the time I finished I was about to burst with pressure on my bladder.

Walked in like I was walking on egg shells into the scan room,the doctor then started all the usual stuff of pouring the gel on my tummy and then doing stuff..... considering that i couldn't see what he was doing I just entertained myself with his grumblings. He later told me after about 15 minutes that I am fine, he didn't see anything and that my monthly period should be coming in a few days.


So to all of you over sabi bloggers that left comment, it wasn't PREGNANCY O. I continued with job hunt and after a while, hubby and I decided(better still hubby alone sef) decided I should go back to the UK cos I was frustrating him with all my whining every minute as per being idle. Initially, I was so looking forward to going back to the UK cos that means, there is always going to be light at least. NEPA can so show themselves in Naija, can you just imagine going for 3 days without light?? Wicked people.
Left for the UK, i need not tell you how much I cried at the airport. I seriously wanted to back out at the last minute but I wasn't sure boo was going to be chuffed to have wasted that much money on ticket. OK,London here I come.

Still feeling sicky sicky,went to see my GP 2 days after I got into the UK and voila the news:

G.P: when was your last menstrual period?
Temmy: I can't remember cos I don't keep tabs.
(G.P grumbling,probably thinking I am daft not to keep tabs in this jet age,but whatever G.P!)
G.P: I need you to conduct a pregnancy test before you leave so I'd know what to treat you for.
Temmy: uh,ok, fine.

10 minutes after,the lines were blue,so blue as a matter of fact REALLY BLUE. She is preggie.

Dunno if to curse the stupid doctor in naija that said I wasn't?
Dunno if I am really excited.
Dunno if I am truly ready for this.
Dunno, dunno, dunno

That sounded like a silly nursery rhyme doesn't it.

Trust me now, I cry for anything. I cried while thanking God but I didn't forget to ask Him why now cos I was so careful. I wanted to get a job first in Naija before starting a family. Guess He knows better.

Lord I thank you for your unfailing and unending love.

Now I can hear you sneer *we were right all along*
LOL (rolling eyes and shutting down blog)

Wednesday, 16 April 2008

An update at last

This is to VERA!

I hope you will now allow me to breathe. In all honesty this is more RANDOM than random itself.

1. Marriage is great, it has given me the opportunity to put my culinary skills to test. In the bid to impress Mr O(who truly likes food), I have to think every minute about what to cook for dinner that will kinda impress him. I thank God that he doesn't eat breakfast, at work during lunch, so all i really have to do is dinner. So why not make it something special....

So I decided to make Asaro( yam pottage or porridge) one evening like that o, got everything set and I started feeling like a cook. I even wore a pink apron,can you imagine??? Trying to remember how mummy used to make the thing way back was just a blurry vision. This isn't one food I'd eat on a normal day but for the sake of variety before the boy starts to complain that na so so rice I dey give am chop.

Anyways, I got everything right but I guess I added too much water! After mixing all the stuff together, end product was a little soft or was it watery? I began to panic o, carried phone and called PRINCESS YAYI in America(like she was going to come all the way to Naija to make it any better). Alright she told me to do this and that after laughing at me for about 5 minutes.
I quickly sent a text to hubby to alert him that he might not be eating a very ''nice'' dinner. Thank God the thing hardened up before he got back from work.

2. After the honeymoon( I just realised I never got round to blogging about it o), I had to stay back in Nigeria, trying to get a job. Job interviews, writing silly GMAT tests, and then getting offered 50K per month at the end of the day. Ki ni mo fe fi se(what do i want to do with 50K) my mouth don tear. Oh yeah, that reminds me. Went for interview for a marketing role, after all the question and answer session, the chairman of the company said,we know and understand that you studied abroad but we really can't afford to pay you as much as you wish but we can offer you 30K a month. In my head I must have thought I heard the guy saying plus accommodation and official car and driver! Is he drunk?

3. Couldn't stand all the wahala of job hunting in Nigeria, having to wake up to say bye bye to hubby in the morning, same me saying welcome around 7pm. All I was doing then was sleep, eat, watch DSTV, go on the net, go window shopping once in a while, beg hubby to buy doughnut and fresh bread from cant remember the name of the store now jare, I know it is in Ikeja GRA. What a life!!!!!!!!!.

4. Then I woke up one morning,feeling extremely bloated, fat and ...... when all I do is eat. Tried to manage the feeling for some weeks, one fateful morning hubby had to practically drag me to the hospital. There it was, staring at me in the face. Something I have been running away from for years,why me, why now?

To be continued......