Sunday, 29 March 2009

As a bigz girlz concern.....

My peeps, thanks for all the ideas on what to cook, i don start to dey experiment if by the next time u see me and i no fit enter thru a door na una all cause am!

I have started doing sit ups in the morning now to make my tummy come down sha, I must be slim by force.

You see, I sincerely do not know why all my friends decided to get married this April to be honest. Can you imagine, I have got no free Saturday this coming month. If they only picked date without telling me to buy Aso Ebi shebi e go better. Now I have spent a total of N35,000 and still need to pay another N40,000. Odikwa serious, and I never collect salary for 3 months. As it is now my husband might just go on AWOL if I continue asking him for money to satisfy my friends. But as a bigz girlz sha, I gast to represent!

Seriously, can someone explain why people have to pick odd looking fabrics and gum ridiculous prices on the fabrics???!! It is unfair......very very.

My new month resolution:no more aso ebi for this year.

Wednesday, 18 March 2009

Random Curses And Blessings cum dry gist.

For the past 5 months I have been struggling with this. I love reading other peoples posts but I just have lost the zeal well not passion for blogging. Too many things to do, with two babies at hand life couldn't be more interesting and at the same time hectic.

Ok,rewind to last year November jare. Yours truly went for loads and loads of interviews as boo and his folks in association with mine decided I should stay back with my ''property''. You see if u ask me I just wanna live where I will have access to light and 24hrs Internet no story. Naija sha, NEPA makes me cry atimes to be honest.

Anyways to cut long story short o, i got a job and i started on the 1st of December. I resigned last week(which is the main reason for the time on my hand to actually blog) because of only 1 REASON.

I am yet to be paid for services I have rendered for four months or so. My oga talk say recession dey worry am. Wetin concern me. User oshi! Na for inside this recession the monkey buy Benz B150 0, me i still dey manage my own 2005 model of my ''car''. Oloshi even bought house in Ikoyi o. He will rot in hell for making me go thru stress. Shebi if i had known i for use all the money wey i dey take fuel my car to go to the Island everyday to start a shop even if na to dey sell recharge card, it won't have been a venture in vain.

One last curse, oga mi ''you won't know PEACE until you pay me my money oh''. Ehen, enough said.

To the people I want to bless for their loving kindness: all my friends. The ones that I don't call but they still find time to call me,may God reward you oh jare. The emails, text messages even facebook posts dey always make my day. God bless you all.

What has been happening to me.? I am FAT. I used to be a UK 6, US 4 abi na 2? I really cant explain how it happened o but right now i am a UK 12, dunno what that is in American size. The only plus side of all this is the bigger bust and bum. Every other part is plain unwanted fat. Help!!!!!!

I am gradually losing it on what to cook as well. SOS to all women out there. My husband says i only give him two options. A and B when it comes to food. Which is either Rice or Amala. Any suggestions before the boy decides to start eating out oh.

End of randomness. Cathya,la er.