Wednesday, 2 July 2008

Panic Attack

So yours truly has been hanging in there, eating, sleeping and reading.....

Tuesday the 27th, I went to the hospital for the antenatal appointment, spent about 2 hours in the hospital as they were short of midwives......imagine that. Well, I made do with admiring different bumps. Some were like balls,pumpkins, I even saw one that looked like paw paw!

After leaving the hospital, I decided to go for partial/half make over. Went for a pedicure and the over all result: I still look like my Ex boyfriend's granny. Big nose,round tummy and of cos looking very black/dark.

I got home and I thought to indulge myself in a Chinese meal. Ordered for Special fried rice and a bottle of coke. Sat down to eat and watch Britain's got talent. Then this tummy ache started..... first, I thought it was the coke, I shouldn't have taken it o I kept telling myself. One hour later and yours truly by now was already crying buckets as the pain was not getting any better.

Called the ambulance and I was rushed to the hospital. Temmy was strapped to a stretcher in an ambulance, Odikwa serious. Ori iya mi o. This has never happened to me before. I couldn't breathe, the had to give me GAS. I couldn't pray I was just staring into space......then I said a word of prayer to God to keep me and my baby safe. Hubby was already panicking.... a part of me wanted to laugh but I couldn't.

Got to the hospital and was told I may be having the baby. Baby ke, that is premature now abi what are we going to call this one........................

Anyways to cut a long story short, I am fine, thanks to God. I have had this post in my draft box since MAY. This is July. I am updating cos of VERA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hate her, seriously.
I am suffering from writer's block or is it the pregnancy? Time will tell.

Always remember to say a word of prayer for Temmy. Thanks a bunch.