Wednesday, 23 December 2009

Say Something Nice ....MEME!

Hee hee, I was jejely blog hopping since I do not have anything to blog about. So, i hopped into SOLLOMONSYDELLE's blog and there i caught the bug.

Here are the rules:

1.Name 5 bloggers
2.Say something nice about each of them
3.Tag them by linking to them in your meme, and visiting their blog to announce that they have been tagged
4.Those tagged, cannot repeat any of the bloggers mentioned by the person who tagged them (sorry, that way more bloggers can get mentioned and not just the same popular ones)

So, here we go:

Bimbylads: this babe na omo pupa otherwise known as yellow paw paw. We met years back in the blog world only for us to jam again at a wedding where we rocked our selves to stupor. Can I forget, how much fun I had going for her wedding, or the day we hung out at the west end with other bloggers....her craze nature just came out in one word. Love,this babe.....

PrincessYayi: this one na original monkey.We grew up together, I initiated her into the world of blogging. We have shared so many highs as well as low times but in all she has remained true to herself and true to friendship. Her blog shows the madness that runs in her blood. Love u half way monkey...

Life Of A Stranger Called Me: a fantastic blogger that doesn't hide her love for God. She can go to any extent to let the whole world know about who she serves. Her posts always reminds me about the awesomeness of God...Love u plenty.

Vera Ezimora: Vera as we all know is fantastic as well as extremely funny/naughty. I DO NOT LIKE her and she knows. I can't remember the last time she called me tho I have never been able to understand why we get along so well. We have never seen but when we talk or when i read her is as if I have known her all my life. 3 gbosas for you Vera!!

Soul:Soulful soul....all the poems....I miss her blog.

Let the tagging continueeeeeeeeeeee



Great post I'm familiar with the bloggers you mentioned save for soul and I like them very much. Thanks so much for doing the meme didn't think anyone would actually LOL merry Xmas

Myne Whitman said...

Nice one, I'll go check out the last one, don't know her.

@SSD, Fasche already did one too.

Nijawife said...

you made me remember the good old blogging days-the baba alaye,mba5,buki81,waffarian,solomonsydelle,nkemugo and my person,refinedone.

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

Suga howbe it that I am only seing this now?? How can that be!! I feel though has abandonet me :*