Saturday, 12 December 2009

Ha, My nipples hurt!

Yeah, seriously they hurt. And that is no thanks to little temmy that can not go to sleep without twitching and pressing and turning my nipples. I wonder where he got that nasty habit from. Now he has even graduated into the level of wanting and ''trying'' this act in public places.

Last week in church, the boy was trying to sleep and before you can say ''jack'' he don dey rub my breast through my blouse. Imagine!! I looked round before slapping that his tiny hand away...kai!

His modus operandi once it's time to sleep is to balance on my chest as he never slept in his cot for one day, then start pressing and pulling and tugging and whenever i wince in pain...he smiles or sometimes laugh out loud.

There are times when he wakes up in the middle of the night to look for breast to lull him back to sleep. Once he moves to his dad and realises that there is no mound there, his eyes will snap open in 1 sec to look for the original.

Help, before I become nipple less oh.

On a lighter note, yours truly added another year on the 2nd of this month. Now I really feel old. I know I am moving closer to 40 by the minute even if i still have 9 years to do that. I know that this may sound so ''not right'' but hey it is my opinion and it is my Why do single girls rush and nearly want to kill themselves to get married? Fine, marriage is fun with the right person but the RESPONSIBILITY......dang!

It is so scary to know that I have to take care of two boys. Both dying for attention at the same time, one wants milk at the same time the other wants food. Hey, i am not an octopus. Just one child and i am complaining. Women with 3 or more abeg how do you do it. I am planning an all by myself retreat early next year. I need to find myself again!


Myne Whitman said...

Pele to the poor nipples and little Temmy sounds like my kind of mischievous child, LOL. But your Boo should be helping to fight this battle, he has an interest abi? LOL.

Loads of happy returns on the birthday and 40 still far abeg so make we hear word...

DiAmOnD hawk said...

well it's what you prayed for... you are now enjoying the full benefits... all glory to God :-)

perhaps you should try to ween the little one off the nipple... how long should children suck on breasts anyways...

BiMbyLaDs** said...

happy bieday ore moi. see u soon. ARE U STILL BREASTFEEDING? ha ba!! u for don stop o!! lolllll

Blowing Blessings Your Way said... lil Temmy! He knows what he wants and goes after it! Now that's the

Happy belated bday..wish u many many more to come!

doll said...


temmy tayo said...

@Myne:He is quite mischievious honestly. Boo encourages him to even squeeze it more,imagine that!

@Diamond:God sure answers prayers abi.

@Bimby:not breastfeeding anymore oh, he actually stopped at 1 year. just that he enjoys rubbing the boobies to sleep.

@BBYW:Thanks for the wishes dear, may God bless you.

@Doll: you laughing at moi?

histreasure said...

oh girl..e be like these kids dem get some memo their mamas kids do the exact same thing..

laffed outright wen i read where he turns around in the night reaching out for the boobs..they r just the same..but just know that the latter you plan to wean the more difficult it would be.

kisses to d lil bobo

doll said...

do u do the threadmill or some form of jogging..its really effective. I wasnt seeing results until i started jogging sha

yayi said...

Abeg, let my baby enjoy himself!! His property is his property. Neways....pele o!

Sugabelly said...

How come your kid sleeps in the same bed as you and your husband?

Fluffycutething said...

I refuse to let my breasts become any "small boy's" toy oh!!!! Infact even when i tease him by showing him he quietly smiles and strolls away!!!!

My breast is not a pacifier biko!!!!!

Peju said...

I'm shocked and frankly appalled that you have allowed your son to continue to share a bed with you and your husband for this long. Haba! The boy is practically grown up now, he is more than a year old, so what is he still doing in your matrimonial bed????

If your husband hasn't complained yet, then he must be one of the most patient guys on this planet. I know my own hubby will certainly not let any child cheat him of his right to intimacy in his own bed.

Start training your son NOW to sleep in his own bed, and preferably in a separate room. He will protest at first, but that is where you flex your parenting muscles, so he knows his boundaries. Let him cry if he wants to, you are the parent, he is the child and he does NOT control you. Get your husband to help with bedtimes as well, putting him to bed, reading him a story and then switching off the lights. Don't keep going to check on him if he cries. By now you should have set a routine in place so he knows when it is time to sleep and where he is to sleep. Don't let him manipulate you and never never feel guilty for putting a child in his place. Sooner or later, he will adjust to the new routine.

If you don't do it now, when do you plan to kick him out of your bed? When he is 12 years old???

Kai, a one year old in your bed is more than a chastity belt... poor hubby!

Ricardo Leiton said...

Hey amazing post about Ha, My nipples hurt! you must go to the doctor maybe you can have inverted nipple this is a rare disease I hope that you are right