Sunday, 15 November 2009

Randomz Part 6


I am so confused. And to imagine I am confused over what to wear for a parry???? My brother in law's introduction is this coming weekend and I have no flipping idea what to wear. I was gonna do my ankara dress which of cos is a design out of this world only for the bride's family to decide that we have to use ''gele'' and the colour is turquoise blue! My ankara is pink and black and it doesn't even blend! Why do they have to do this to me? Why? Abeg does anybody know any other colour I can mix with the turquoise?

Then, thinking about what the Super Eagles put me through just before Mozambique handed us the ticket to the World cup is another thing. I nearly had high blood pressure. Was screaming along with the Nigerian coach..You would have thought the boys can actually hear me from the comfort of my living room.

Now as I type this the under 17 Nigerian boys wants me to have heart attack. Playing rubbish eesh. Can someborry wake lil Temmy up please.....he has been sleeping for about 3 hours now and it is 8pm. No sleep tonite that is but God knows that is for his dad because I am so going to turn my back on the two of them!

To more interesting news,remember my friend that was in an abusive relationship? I bless God for separating them and oh well Nigeria just lost to Switzerland so I may have to sign off here. Sob Sob....


Myne Whitman said...

Oh you're a football fan? I was happy for naija on qualifying but heart attack? No way, LOL.

You can pair the turquoise with wine or deep blue.

Have a nice week and vote on my blog please.

yankeenaijababe said...


I can imagine you at this point with all the ankara palava. I love turquoise, pair it up with a nice blue necklace, earrings. If you have turquoise shoes or blue shoes. It helps.

Ma worry, everything will be alright. You have a good week.

Anonymous said...

Turquoise and brown is Very HOT!!!!

Anonymous said...

Turquoise and brown is Very HOT!!!!

histreasure said...

those nigerian footballers, they will not give one high blood pressure,after all the high hopes..mehn..

i love turquiose blue,yeah u could use another shade of blue (read: darker)
but if you want to go the other way (contrasting) wine,brown even babypink works

temmy tayo said...

@Myne: I voted!

@Yankeenaijababe: I am doing blue as u suggested. Thanks

@Anon: the brown i have doesnt blend as such but all the same thanks a bunch!

@histreasure: footballers??? Story for another day.

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