Thursday, 7 December 2006


I invest in …..Accessories because they make any outfit look expensive.

My idea of sexy….. A curvy girl in skirt and high heel sandals.

I treasure ……. My shirts and shoes.

I will never believe I can be a size 10; I am stuck on 6 – 8!

My life is so simple….. I keep my clothes simple: shirts, jeans, 3 skirts, loads of dresses.

I can’t stop wearing my old time necklace I had since I was in Nigeria.

I am very Nigerian when I am stressed; I get all cranky and extremely grouchy!

I love colour blue. All my shirts must have a touch of blue.

I am loving colour purple now: a la purple jumpers and shirts. I am using pure purple by Hugo Boss at the moment.

I love perfumes; j’adore is first on the endless list.

I hate wigs: I will never wear one unless I am promised £50,000.

I hate walking: I’d rather take a bus even if the place is just a stop away.

I hate driving: it gives me back pains (that is because I don’t exercise) if people won’t call me crazy I would have employed a driver here in London.

I am too romantic for my own good, or how else would you explain me still reading mills and boon at 28!

I don’t like heavy make up. Lip gloss and I am good to go.

Right now I am hating T-Mobile: my phone is not charging and they said it will take 14 days to have it repaired. In the meantime I suspect they want me to insert my sim into my palm!

I said I was going to blog about those 3 boys now abi.
Miguel no vex o, I am not trying to diss men, and who am I to try that when they have an advocate in you. Well, so as not to disappoint those waiting for the breakdown here we go:

Wale: He is an Engineer. I met him one evening on my way home from the salon. He is one of the few guys that thinks patience and a little pressure can win any woman’s heart. He has been on this venture for close to 2 years now. God help him. I only pick up his calls when I need a good laugh. In his bid to impress me with his newly learnt grammar …. You can imagine what I go through. He has a good heart though, but not the type that I am looking for.

Bobby: He is a stock broker. The most infuriating man I have ever met. He scared the living daylight out of me the first day I met him. I was at a cash point and I heard a voice behind me say: take enough out for 2.
I thought he was a robber and he is already pointing a gun to my plum backside. Turned around only to find the guy smiling at me. APE!!!
We got talking and he ended up dropping me at my place. Who said a gal can’t do with free rides sometimes. We have never stopped arguing since I met him; the boy thinks he is very smart. Aarghh!!!

Laolu: He is an IT analyst I met him way back in the university. We were not friends but we say hello once in a while. Whatever made him think that we can now be friends and then move on to lovers: that one pass me sha. I hardly pick up his calls because of the kind of questions he asks whenever he calls. Have to blg about his questions some other time.

A mild drama in my house today, I was jejely brushing my teeth this morning when i heard a loud knock on my door. Thinking it was my sister i opened the door, lo it was a strange face asking me if I have seen the guy that lives in the top flat. I don't even know who the guy is is. Na so this woman start story of how she has been trying to call the guy(her boyfi) and he is not picking up. She said she housed the guy for 8 months only for hte guy to now get his own crib and he is now going funny on her. Anyway long story.Will be back with the rest.


Desola said...

This really made me laugh! I don't like driving too and I will most certainly get I driver if I could!

You are a girl after my own heart! I love skirts with high heels and those killah tights!

Of course you'll look good in shirts since you have the figure for it! Damn!! I'm jealous!!!

I love dresses too and I could fight for handbags!

azuka said...

Lip gloss only? Give me a hug! [Have you read my weird stuff?]

Mills and boon? Urrrrghhhh.

At first I used to sneak and read them when I was 6 because my mom forbade me to read them. After a while I tired of them -- no plot...

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

You love dresses cause you've got figure to show - LOL - size 6-8 temmy you must be seriously fit. And am here struggling to maintain my 10 LOL.

So three toasters but not a single one - well we welcome the toasters casue they are signs that the main one is very near the corner.

There is never an end to the kind of drama you've told. Only God will help us ladies.

Biodun said...

lol @ the T-mobile comment
I love Pure Purple! Still reading M & B ehn, I have never read one, lol
Only you 3 guys!! na u, ur life is way interesting than mine, these guys sure r characters!

ChiefO said...

na wa o.

angie said...

LOL!!@ suspect they want me to insert my sim into my palm! They probably want you t owear it as an ear-ring.
Oya i promise to give u £50,000, just wear a wig(blonde!!)
U only have 3 least u r better than i am, i think the last skirt i bot was abt 4 yrs ago and i haven't still worn it.
ehmmm the babe looking for her boyfriend, why is she looking for him in ur crib, abi ur house na missing pple home??lol. abeg make she leave u out of their drama!!!
out of the three guys wale sounds like the best...mayb it is becos u have a thing for guys called wale??(**wink)

temmy tayo said...

@Angie: when can i see you for the money now, i go wear brunnette and red joined together.

@desola: i need a driver o. And thank God for the size 6 loke and 10 ni isale that i have.

@Azuka: i love lip gloss jare and i will sure read that stuff on ya blog.

@biodun: u never read m&b??? i am a pro.My dad nearly slapped me once when i took one to

@Chiefo: na wa ke?

temmy tayo said...

@LOASCM: i love dresses cos i like to show off my figure. I am vain!!! I Know!!!!

Size 10 aint big u know.

angie said...

u took m&b to church??? hmm the day i had to collect one from my friend in church,i felt like a BIG sinner, carrying m&b in my handbag(that was like 7yrs ago)

mosaic said...

LOL @ the crazy neighbor's girl. The things women will do when scorned.

I love dresses, too! Mostly because they're easy and it's a "ready-made" outfit. I hate to wear them when it's cold though b/c I hate pantyhose and tights.

Smoothvibes said...

Lovely post... @ least we're getting to know you.

Calabar Gal said...

More!! More!!! About the 3 musketeers and the guy upstairs I mean!! You know I am an amebo & a proper gbegborun!! LOL!!