Wednesday, 20 December 2006

Random Talk II

This is as random as you can imagine, i am at work but i am feeling so sleepy. Slept well last night tho in fact I slept off almost immediately i put my pretty head on my fluffy pillow, i think i am in the holiday mood already. I am going to be visiting Ex's sister on Friday in Reading and off to Birmingham on Sunday to spend Christmas with my girl and her husband.I have never liked travelling though I love to know places, but the mere thought of spending Xmas all by myself is depressing. To imagine that my OWN sister is leaving me to follow man(her boyfriend) but does it matter, isn't blood meant to be thicker than .....whatever??? I am mad at her may be i am jealous sha.

I am counting days before my trip to Nigeria and God knows i am not particularly looking forward to dad and mum's wahala. Have planned to spend some days with my cousin that is coming in from the states. She has be summoned home in regards to her single status, we may as well give ourselves some encouragement before we meet the family.

I did not plan to blog today but Soul's comment on my last post actually got me thinking. Here is what she said:
1)What if eh loves but doesn't fear God.

3) What if he is 5'8 or 6'3"

4) What if he doesn't have a good paying job, but finishes at 3pm on week days, and would love to get home, cook for you and pick up the kids until you get home.

5)What if he eats 4 times a day but cooks for the entire house.

6)What if he doesn't like watching them, but buys them for you, because he knows you like watching them?

7)What if he complains about because he is so into you that he wants your undivided attention and values everything you have to say. What if he likes eye contact with you during conversations.

8)What if he does complain because he wants to build a family with you and thinks that your family unit needs to re-prioritise what is important. what if he realises that those irrelevant things just fill up your apartment (you know London apartments are tiny) and he would rather you guys save up the money and spend it doing things together?

9) What if he doesn't adore your family but he tolerates them because he loves you. What if wants cats as well.. and what if instead of rabbits he wants loads of hamsters (I was going to say rats, but I think that's pushing it a bit)

10) What if he is man enough to marry you, but your definition of 'man enough' excludes him. (smile)
I think giving you an ultimatum on May 2007 is kinda harsh, but I also know that in Naija, sometimes people prefer that you marry and have problems within a marriage which they 'think' can be worked on, as opposed to being single. I think that's hilarious but hey ho. What do I know?

Soul you are so on point with number 1, the rest i beg to disagree. Here is my response to SOUL:

This one is soulful o. You are on point but i don't want a man that likes food. It irritates me. I don;t mean that he shouldn't eat but eating like a buffon is annoying to me. Point 3 is really good cos i know money isn't everything but remember that my mouth don tear how i go manage without buying anything new in a month. I am vain i know. He doesn't have to adore my family but he must like them for what they are to me. SOUL:mind your self o. U have got me thinking..........

Why can we just get what we want sometimes.... why????

An uncle to a close friend decided to marry another wife and when he was asked the motive behind is decision: he said his wife doesn't fight for him. Chineke that one pass me, doesn't fight for you how he was asked. He said most women will fight with their husbands/boyfriend he cheats on them but his own wife just shrugs and moves on with her life.

I don't see anything wrong with that,maybe the woman is trying to avoid fighting with her husband.
Moral of the story is that you women out there should don your boxing gloves and fight for what is yours. If you get beaten in the process,just take it in stride and believe that it is for LOVE!

I may not blog till after Xmas but i have to wish you all a MERRY BERRY XMAS!!

I leave you all under the banner of HIS love this season.


Tuneday said...

Interesting, summon to the court of family elders.

Merry xmas & God's blessings for the New year.

NaijaBloke said...

Merry Xmas and a Happy New year in advance dear and how far with ur job thingy ?U moving to Ireland or trying to look for a better job?

U take care

Vera Ezimora said...

Love is so flippin complicated!!! He's always really good @ something and then really bad @ another. Gosh!!!!

temmy tayo said...

@Tuneday: na so, she dey go council of elders this new year. I am solidly behind her whatever comes. Afterall she wont propose to a man.

@Naijabloke:aint going to Ireland o. I will satrt job hunting as soon as i come back from Naija. Just include me in your cycle of prayers.

@Vera: are u telling me. Love is ....i don't even know.

Biodun said...

This one is serious o, soul's response is deep too, but such is life. We neevr get wot we want, n getting the idea of a perfect man out of our heads is the first step, cos he sure doesnt exist!.
Anyways, have a wonderful christmas with ur sis n bring gist o, lol

Anonymous said...

wow@ the uncle...! it is nice to be fought for sha.

have a merry xmas!!

The Life of a Stranger called me said...

merry christmas oo - so I should put my boxing clove and start fighting. There is no pleasing people.

Omodudu said...

Honestly this marriage thing na wa.