Wednesday, 2 August 2006

America refused me visa!

I have had this killer headache for days now,no thanks to job hunt,moving house and pounds hunt.

I had to wake up early today to make the visa interview at the American Embassy and i swear i wasnt disappointed at all. I was REFUSED!!!!!!!! After i had dreamt US,lived US! Ok o,God dey.

Reasons are: i don't have enough ties in the UK to bring me back here. For crying out loud,i am single,what kinda ties do u want i asked the consular officer.She said,well, i know you have indefinite leave to remain in the UK but because my parents dont live in the UK and i live alone here and blah bla........ alright,the rejection wasnt painful it was the visa fee( i could have bought that slippers on sale at Russel and Bromley with a few pounds added to it.) and the time i used in walking from oxford circus to upper grosvenor street.

And i tried my best to smile at her,but wait was i looking desperate? I know i can remove an arm and a leg to see Johnny Depp in flesh but then,why me? Why me Lord? If only they know that i will be back and long before they know it,shebi they are looking for ties abi? I will go and get a mortgage for a flat in Chelsea or Knightsbridge,if them born them well make them carry their papa head in front and use Bush's hand to support their yansh and refuse me again ehn,i will personally mobilize touts to burn down the embassy.Forget all those gun wielding cops at the embassy na only one juju coated egg from Kwara State will do the job. Kai,i must have terrorist genes in me sha,how can i just think of such a thing. I hope they wont push me....i pray so.

On my way home from the embassy i decided to spoil myself a little,wetin man pikin go do,i went shopping.Impulsive buying is the major disease i suffer from,somebody help me!

I didnt spend much just got myself a lovely pair of jeans and a top.Loads of new undies all in black.I have to mourn for my £63 visa fee now abi? They think can ruin August for me,na lie. I no go gree.Infact for that i am going to spend 3 weeks in Athens(who am i deceiving,the thing pain me o).

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