Monday, 31 July 2006


I was at Chi and Ejike's wedding on saturday. I left home armed with my camera cos i was determined to show my cousin that i can venture into photo business if i dont get a job by the end of august. Lo and behold,yours truly lost the camera!
I lost the camera!

I lost the frigging camera! If it wasnt a digital and expensive camera maybe i wont have felt like kicking the ass of the couple for making me drool,thereby loosing my ''love''. I am sure it was when i was writing down the ideas for my wedding that i dropped the camera.

What kinda photographer will i possibly make? A very useless one. All in all the wedding was grand. I had fun but if only i could turn back the hands of time..........i will have my camera safe in my bag.

Sunday was boring after church so i decided to call boyfy. I actually didnt feel like talking to him but i psyched myself that i was talking to Johnny Depp. I am falling head over heels in lust with Johnny by the second. Because of the love i have started lining my eyes with the black eyeliner. Will twist and lock my hair next week this love i say is unbreakable.

What can we do to help Nigerian men in the UK? Day by day they amuse me,i met this guy at the train station and i think he needs to see a shrink. He is good looking. We got talking and he asked for my number,being a sucker for good looks i gave him my number. 30 minutes later he was already calling ask me something very silly. ''Those lovely sandals u were wearing this morning,where did u get them from''? Inmy heart i said ''Primark''. Idiot,shey if he doesnt know how to start a conversation he could have just said ur sandals were lovely.I woulda replied''thanks,i know, they are Fendi.

I get irritated easily with anybody that cant make any meaningful conversation,especially a guy.

You can just imagine a guy calling at 11pm only to be asking you so whats up like 5 times within 3 minutes? huh?

Sometimes, i just wonder if i am not destined to marry my boyfriend.He seems to be the only one that doesnt entirely piss me off when we talk. I have tried to date other guys just to test the waters and see if what i feel for boyfriend is deep love,i mean i know it is true love but deep? i doubt. I am sorry babe if you ever get to read this.
As i was typing jare,this punk ass (excuse my french) called me saturday evening......

Punk: how are u babes,i kinda miss u( search me,i met him less than 48hours)
Moi: Uhmn
Punk:what are u doing tonite?
Moi: i want to sleep
Punk:how about me coming over to spend the nite?
Moi: You can bring all ur luggage so you can spend a week cos i think one nite will be too short!
Punk: r u angry? I dont mean it that way. I just thot u might need company.
Moi: Hung up.

If my mum should hang the phone on me,i swear i wont call her till she sends Tony Blair to beg me,this punk ass called back 30minutes later!
To imagine i thot the guy was posh before i gave him my number. See what my love for good looking guys has brought to me.

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