Friday, 28 July 2006

Can you see?

Can someone tell folks out there that being single is not a disease.And it doesnt have to be discussed with so much disdain! Haba. Aproko(i too know) too much for Nigerians.

If one doesnt know better you will thinkit is now a serious crime to be single.
Imagine my friend's mum telling her that if she is still single at 30 then she will disown her! This is no lame joke,agreed,my friend is an only child and her mum is going to be 65 next month,i know she is yearning to be a grand mum. But it is rather unfortunate that my friend is still single and seriously searching. She has met guys but she said she hasnt met one good enough to sweep her off her feet.
Show me a girl that doesnt want o marry a bloke and a rich one at that. I am ready to let go of my 5 years relationship for Johnny Depp and on the local scene i am still thinking.....

After stalking wedding websites for months,thanks to Adaure. I will surely be going for one tomorow.

Will keep all posted. It is friday,it is payday and i am out to shop!!!!!!!!!

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