Thursday, 27 July 2006


I nearly had a fit 5days ago when my boyfriend's sister told me that he is AS( sickle cell carrier).I am sure my heart stopped beating for 2 minutes,because he is my last resort. I dont know how to explain the situation,i am hooked on him. He has been my friend forever,we have fought,made up,break up, not talked to one another for months,he has seen me thru my highs and lows. We have seen the good,the bad and the ugly sides of our lives and we are still friends. The icing on the cake is i am AS and he is AA. Tell me what other guy am i supposed to pin on,putting into consideration that in this 5 roller coaster years of friendship we had both dated other people and it didnt work that thing s are working out and he has asked me to marry him,the sister just said he is Agway didnt she just tell me she wants to kill me. At this time that i dread picking up my mom's calls lest we fight over the issue of '' Are u sure you are not the one chasing all those guys away''. Or '' you know i am your mother,please tell me if the guys dont come after you at all,maybe there is something we can do about it''.Can i get angry????When a lady is knocking on 30 and is still single,you hear all sorts. It is either an aunt thinks you are to choosy,or you are too bitchy or you dont go out enough. The list is endless.Like i ever told then that i enjoy a solitary life.I have digressed, i called boyfriend to confirm if he was AS.Low and behold he said he is!That he can remember vividly that i told him i am AA! For where,who dey there? When did we discuss this? Those were my words,tho i struggled not to scream them down the phone. And what did he say: darling,it is 12am i need to sleep can we talk about this tommorow,sweet dreams and know that i love you. With that he hung up. I pulled at my braids until i got 2 out.2 nites later and no calls from him,not even an sms.I realised i am back to the world of the single and searching. Where do i start from again?Just as i was about jumping into river thames(in my dreams,i no fit kill myself cos of a man) he called!Excerpts of the conversation

Him: how are u darling?
Moi: fine.
Him: you havent called me in days is anything the matter?
Moi: noHim: have you told anyone about my blood type?
Moi: no and why?
Him: well,yeah cos i was joking and my sister was just pulling your legs.
Moi: (happy but fronting) joking? are u out of your mind i screamed.
Moi: hung up the phone.

I am still fuming and i have refused to pick up his calls.

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