Friday, 14 July 2006

Hey, they got me crying

I have turned into a cry baby lately.Soem few blogs back i said something about my company going redundant and moi looking for a job. Ok,we had this internal interview and i thot i was going to get the job.

Got to the office on wednesday and one of my ogas called me into the meeting room to say '' i am very sorry but you didnt get the job................................................(well,i did not hear the rest) what i needed to hear is the sorry part now,abi?

I just packed my bag and left the office.How i managed not to cry from moorgate to my house still baffles me cos normally i cry for anything.

I cry when i am happy,i cry when i am angry,i cry when i see two people in love,i cry on people's birthdays.Infact the list is endless.

I got home safely and i decided to just sleep and make myself happy by going to Adaure's blog, also to

These two people are my inspiration when it comes to blogging.
Infact they sort of initiated me into the bloggers world and i have not had any regrets yet.

Maybe because i like gbeborun(show me a woman that doesnt).

That brings me to the blogs i enjoy reading

I am sure by the end of my holiday i would have found more.
Thank God it is friday and it s my mate's party tomorrow,an opportunity to stay out with the girls!

Will upload pictures from the party next week if those girls agree o.

Gotta dash!

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