Monday, 7 August 2006

E gba mi o.

I finally moved home on Friday,moved from a posh apartment to one of those Victorian houses.Ugh!

I dont know what pushed me to get the house, i must have been overly desperate to move out of my old apartment.
I moved in friday, slept at my friend's place cos the whole house was a complete mess i rushed back in saturday morning to arrange my flat,lo and behold i found out i have a new neighbour!

We have a communal door,he stays at flat A while mine is Flat C. All through saturday he was cooking this indian meal that had the whole house smelling of curry. To make matters worse he left his doors wide open,ika.(wicked man).As if that was not enof on my way out on sunday he stopped me by the door to ask me if i have ever heard about ''GHANDI''.

Can you imagine!!!!!!! This guy wants me to come into his flat to tell me all about Ghandi and he added that if i dont mind,he wld be glad to initiate me into the world of Ghandi followers. E gba mi ke(na my fault, if i had gone to church that sunday morning jejely)

I dont see how i want to survive in that house with the curry smell,thot of seeing the guy early in the morning crouched down by the main door meditating.

To add salt to injury,the network is crazy in that house. Throughout yesterday i had to suspend my phone on the window sill,when no be say na naija i dey.

It was in naija that i nearly ran mad with vmobile network.It was only MTN that had good signal in my house and i couldnt afford buying N750 recharge card not to talk of N1500. You need to see me when my phone rings,i run from pillar to post looking for network. After falling on the staircase twice,my father pitied me and got me globacom and nitel lines same day.That is how my big girl somersaulted to a chic under 24 hours.

The craze got worse when the three phones rings at the same time. Story for another blog.

The thought of going back to that house is drivingme mad now,what a way to start a new month,first i was refused visa. And oh by the way a very big thanks to those who have called and mailed to tell me sorry.Thank you and God bless you.
2.New house doesnt have network for Tmobile and vodafone.
3.I run the risk of being initiated into Ghandism.

It is a monday,i hate mondays.I hate working. I think i am just darn lazy!

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