Friday, 16 June 2006

Worldcup fever

i have put blogging on hold till the end of world cup.Argentina made my day.
How i wish Nigeria was int he world cup,but seriously thank God they are not because i dont see uncle jay jay running around for 90minutes.Well maybe Obafemi woulda shined,olofinjana and my idol are the ones i pity.Talking about my idol,does anyone know how i can get to meet Joseph Yobo.I mean this guy pumps my adrenalin. I am saying this in a whisper'' I ADORE YOBO''.Myabe because he actually looks like my grandpa when he was his age,i am yet to put a finger on what the attraction is tho.

This world cup woulda been the show for them.As we all know ''Man proposes and God disposes''(na popular adage in our contry).

the worldcup fever has made me forget about doing anything serious,i was screaming like a crazy frog when i saw Holland and Ivory Coast play.OMG Drogba! Do i like him? I think i do,and very much at that.

Right now i have writer's block(like i am so good at writting) until the world cup ends!

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