Sunday, 11 June 2006

Need i rub it in,Sweden is the bum.Like my friend Tolu will say the place is"bunz"! Beautiful people,nice weather.

Today i went to the Liseberg Park and we (funmi and i) went on the roller coaster ride,na today i believe say butter no be monkey food.
I died and i woke up on that ride,i was just screaming blood of Jesus,God save me.I confessed all the sins i could remember.

If only the goverment in Nigeria had maintained Apapa amusement park or the Trans Amusement park in ibadan i for no go disgrace myself like that today.I shouted like a mad woman when i was going on the free fall.All in all,now that i am back home,it was fun.Yeah right.........

Honestly,i miss london.Cos i miss my babes.The hustle and bustle of london i didnt miss one bit.This country is peaceful,i can recommend here for anybody.Enough,before u start to think the the Swedish government paid me to advertise their country.
Woulda tried getting a bloke here but the language barrier is the problem. OMG,they have got blokes here.

I just remembered that i have changed,said i am no longer into guys,part of the sins i dropped when i was on the roller coaster,i no do again o.
I dey go sleep jo.

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