Monday, 26 June 2006

I am boreeed!!!

Saturday i went shopping as my sister was going to nigeria at night.Shopping is good for the soul especially when you use a credit card.The excitement that na gbese i dey chop dey go is enough to pump adrenalin and make me feel hipe. We fianlly got back home around 4pm and her flight was for 10pm,couldnt follow her to the airport cos knowing myself i will start wailing at the airport.It is not as if she is going for good just a miserly 3 weekd and here i am feeling blue,brown and pink! Well,i am just an emotional person and i cant help it.

After she left,i cried a little(in the comfort of my room),called parents to tell them daughter is on her way and i used sleeping tablets.

I woke up np thanks to a phone call from a male frien that will be getting married in september to the same girl he told me years back he CANNOT marry because she is not a nigerian. I couldnt resist asking him what made him change his mind.His answer is LOVE!
Silly,like i am not in love with that half asian,half brits guy inmy office.The mere thot of the fit my momma will get into it if i dare mention i am dating a non yoruba is what is holding me back form asking the guy out o.

As usual after extoling all the virtues of his wife to be,my friend hung up and i cried again but this time for MEN!

It is certain that men are powerful and wine is strong,but who rules and control them all?It is WOMEN.

Women gave birth to kings and all men who rule over land and sea.Women bring honour to men infact without women,men canot live.
Men may accumulate silver,gold,naira,pounds,dollars even yen and other beautiful things of this world but if they see a woman with a preety faceor a good figure,they lose their senses.Of cos,lose the money in the process.

A man will leave his own father and mother that brought him up,leave his own country to get married.He will forget his father and mother to spend the rest of his life with his wife.

A man in love cannot make any decision unless his wife knows about it and approves of it. Countless things that men in love cannot do without the approval of their wives(it does feel good tho).

So,men you must recognise that women are your masters. Ok,if u want to disagree,dont you work and sweat all day only for you to take the proceeds to take care of women? I am so glad i am a woman.

Well,i feel so much better now that i know that there is a guy out there working night and day to satisfy all my whims(call me whatver you like).I am not going to cry again until Brazil meets with Ghana.Whatever the outocme it will sure make me cry!

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