Tuesday, 18 August 2009

Randomness In High Places

I know I promised myself that I will be regular blogger, so by fire by force I know I must update. The truth is there is nothing to blog about. But well, lets just cook up some randomness happening around me jare.

1. It is 1.16am and I am very much wide awake with hubby and son sleeping peacefully. Right now, if it wont be a crime o I probably would hit him on the head with a pestle cos he is snoring tho very lightly. I cannot stress how much I hate to hear people snore. Kai, this one wey God do me ehn....ok o.

2. My son was 1 on the 11th. Despite all the no parry business ehn,we still had a lil family parry. Imagine this, my sister in law woke me up early on the 11th that her driver is in my compound oh and that she sent him with the party packs for the party. I had to thank her profusely, you know how people can think you do not appreciate their efforts. So now that there are party packs, food and drinks must surface somehow. And the wahala started......

3. In the process of making coleslaw for the first time(lol) in my life, the stupid grater nearly took off my index finger. See blood gushing like Ogun river. Thank God that my finger didn't chop off.

4. Have I ever mentioned that my husband gets mad when I wear flat shoes? Kai,it is like an obsession. Biko, I don tire. I had to wear some bad heels all thru the ''gest togerra''. And boy, do I still have legs? I doubt. My thighs have been hurting all day plus my neck too.

5. Ok, putting some of the pictures on face book sef as I type. No vex for those of you that wont see it but to those that will do,all da best.

Cathya, laer.


downtheaisle said...

where is everybody???

Happy birthday to ur son, and that was a kind gesture by ur sis-in-law(d reason I'm commenting..lol!).its more like "awwwww, nice of her"

Remi, United Kingdom said...

hehehehe...By force by fire eh? lol.. and at the snoring, all I can say is God has a funny sense of humour eh?! lol. And God bless your sister in-law.. it is a blessing to be married into a wonderful and helpful family.. I pray God blesses me with such when the time comes oh..

I live in Heels... height challenges you see.. otherwise no one will see me!

see great post after all..
Have a great week. much love x


lol, shebi i told u, this is lagos, even when u choose not to have a parry, somehow sha pary go just shele. but come how come i didnt get an invite na??

temmy tayo said...

@downtheaisle: I was totally impressed.

@Remi, UK:lol,pele. I am a lil bit on the short side too but mehn i am not a fan of heels.

@36: no vex jare my angel.

QMoney said...

hi TemmyT,thanks for your message.i truly appreciate

You are so very funnny.
u get better siis in law oh, u even try,for parry that wasnt planned for,u were making coleslaw.....
Aww,so ur hubby likes u looking all elegant.my beau hates it wen i pack my hair,even wen d sun is hot,see me see trouble he likes me to let it down

N.I.M.M.O said...

LOL @ 'gest togerra' but thats how we do it.

aloted said...

happy belated bday to ur son...
so no pictures for us abi...ok ooo

LG said...

babe wherz my *coleslaw abi werin dem dey cal am :-)

*happy belated birthday to ur son. may he continue to put smiles on ur face (amen
*oya upload d pics sharply :-)

doll said...

Heya...sorry bout your hand and your ankel..or is it feet now/
and happy bday to your bundle of joy

temmy tayo said...

@Q Money: Thanks babes. Are you sure we are not married to brothers? my husband can yank my head off when I fix a weave and then pack it. Like he knows what the heat can do.

@N.I.M.M.O: that is how we do it joo. You gerrit.

@Aloted: thanks dear. No vex. I am not so anonymous but I still need to hide my face.

@LG;didnt you get the coleslaw? I even sent you a canned maltina to wash it down.lol

@doll:thanks a bunch jare.