Sunday, 22 October 2006

What goes around comes around

I did not think i would have any reason to blog this soon as nothing spectacular has been happening around me. In my usual saturday practice, i decided to call Nigeria to speak to old friends. I got through to the guy that made me meet Wale,( i don't know why Wale keeps coming into my blog lately), anyways, we got talking and h was filling me on old gists.

Something just told me to ask him about one of our old friends who is a confirmed playboy. Here is the convo:

Temmy: ehen, bobo shine nko?
J Boy: he dey o. Infact, to ba gbo calamity to befall e lately. You will feel for him o.
Temmy: calamity ke? Who died?
J Boy: nobody died.
Temmy: (heaving a sigh of relief) wetin con do am.
J Boy: his girlfriend of 7 years got married 3 weeks ago.
Temmy: that is good news.
J Boy: good news oshi wo ni yen, they did not break up now. Infact the girl still came to see him in Abuja a week before she got married to collect money from him for something she wanted to do in lagos.
Temmy: (laughing like a mad woman) yeepa. O ti fi owo mugun tun ara ese ni yen.
J Boy: why are u laughing now, why did i even tell you in the first place. It is not a laughing matter o, you wont believe we had to take shine to the hospital for checkup when he heard. he fainted outrightly.
Temmy: (laughing the more). Have you forgotten, that what goes around comes around.
J Boy: what do u mean, u don start again o.
Temmy: can you remember that Lola girl he was dating in Abuja that time, the Youth Corper.
J Boy: yeah of cos.
Temmy: shebi he was lying to the girl that after her na Agbani Darego. After he was through with her, and called the girl out of the blues say he no dey do again. Wetin i tell you all that day?
J boy: Omo, na you know o. Na true sha. Infact no be only Lola then o, runs plenty for hin hand.
Temmy: this should serve as a lesson to you as well, if you keep hurting innocent girls you may never have happiness.
J Boy: abeg no curse me o. E don do we go talk later.
Temmy: u dey craze, we never finish our gist joo.

To be honest, i dont understand why he fainted o shebi he just felt part of the pain he has caused other people in life. Well, i am not saying what the girl did was very nice of ehr but then i am happy that one of the play boys of this world got a taste of his own medicine.

Wale mi, Wale mi, Wale mi. He is coming for holiday in 2 weeks time. Who knows what may happen?

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