Tuesday, 10 October 2006

Weekend of drama

Had a lovely weekend. I have learnt something new: thou shall not go shopping with my sister and sister-in-law again. We walked the whole of west end like walking was going out of fashion. Wicked souls, they did not allow me eat till about 6pm when i was about to faint from hunger. After my nearly 8 hours of waka-bout i only bought 3 shirts from TM. Imagine o. The only thing that made my weekend lovely was X-Factor jare.

Shey i said EX was in town abi. His father came in on sunday and called me that we have to ''talk''. Talk ke? About? For? Anyways, i went to see him on sunday evening and we had a long one. He told me that he doesnt want to know what O.A did but that he is apologising on his behalf.

He said and i quote '' Temmy, i shouldnt sit you down to involve myself in your relationship with my son. But you are like a daughter to me as well, you have been wonderful in your own ways to my family. I got to love you so much for my son when my wife passed away. You were like a rock behind him cos he was nearly cracking up that time.'' Daddy, i am sorry to interrupt you sir but did he tell you that he actually cheated onme? He did not tell me what he did my dear, he just said i should talk to you and REALLY BEG YOU.
I told his dad not to bother himself as we will both sort ourselves out. I left his hotel some few hours later with a token of £300 to pick a cab. Emi ke, na jump i jump on the tube to my house. Bijou, contact me for your share as per my sister level.

Yesterday night, O.A and I were trying to ''talk'' but we ended up having a nasty argument. I cant even remember what i said that made him flip.

My phone is ringing that is my momma on the phone. It is time for early morning prayers. Take care all.

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