Tuesday, 24 October 2006

R.I.P Sister Sayo

If you knew her, you will no doubt love her.
She was an epitome of beauty and grace.
Hardworking and religious.

We all call her Sister Sayo.
She was never married because she was(is) a sickler.
She was sweet, it never showed on her face what she was going through.

I called my house now and my sister said: Today is Sister Sayo's burial. I wanted to faint. The pain gripped my heart. Why did you guys not tell me.

My sister said to me, don't cry. Everyone is rejoicing here. She will not have crises anymore. She wont feel the pains anymore.I said to her but we wont see her anymore!

I am happy tho, she lived a good life. She did not joke with her life, health and God.

Rest in peace Folasayo Olajide.
I know the whole of Ibadan will mourn your loss.
B.C.O.S has surely lost a gem.
See you on the other side.

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