Monday, 16 October 2006

Are There Rules?

See how you have all finished my tall, dark knight in shining armour. You are all wicked! (sob sob). Lol. There is no point lying,I was really liking him maybe because I had a soft spot(what a word) for him in the first place. But then no thanks to Miguel and diamond: they finished me. Desola, you just cracked me up and I actually felt like crawling into a corner ki n de raise up my hands with my eyes closed. I love you guys for all your wonderful comments.

I am not going to Norway with him. We talked at length yesterday. As Taurean Minx said, he needs to sort out himself with his babe of 7 years. I told him that I don't want anybody pouring acid on my beautiful face.

Yeah, I was telling you about Wale my crush abi? My friend went back to Maiduguri where he was doing his NYSC and his brother still calls me once in a while to ''try his luck''.
Then out of the blues, one afternoon I was checkingmy emails in my room when my phone rang and it was a private number calling me. I am always on my best pitch with private numbers cos it could be anyone and I always want to try and sound ''tush''.

Temmy: hello (with a calculated tone of voice)
Wale: hey, how are you. This is Wale.
Temmy: Wale? (honestly I didn't think it could be him).
Wale: yeah. D's friend.

I think I actually dropped the phone at this point. My heart was begininning to beat fast. So D gave him my number. Abi the guy really likes me too ni? Meanwhile the boy was talking but I did not hear half of what he said my mind was in total turmoil.

He came to pick me from work one friday afternoon and there we clicked and became good friends.After 3 months he asked me out but I couldn't accept cos of Ex. He knew about Ex all the while but he was always praying that Ex will mess up.
If an angel had come down from heaven then to tell me that Ex will mess things up I woulda gone into a big argument with the angel o. I was that smitten about him.
Wale and I became so close that at a point my mum had to wake me up in the middle of the night to confirm if I was still with Ex.
Time was 1am
Mum: temmy,oro pataki ni mo fe so fun e yi.(very impt discussion).
Temmy: (still feeling sleepy) yes mummy.
Mum: it is about you and Ex, I have noticed that wale boy is always calling and coming to take you out. I hope you are not planning to leave Ex for him.
Temmy: haba,mama temmy!. That is not going to happen. He is just a very close friend.
Mum: o better o, because emi o ni mo oko omo ki n tu mo ale e o. ( I won't know my daughter's husband and know the concubine as well).
Temmy: yes ma, but remember that I never marry the boy sha. This one about ale(concubine) pass me.
Mum: na u know o.Foolish girl.
Temmy: goodnite mummy. Turned my back and quickly went to sleep.

That my mama likes wahala, imagine waking me up in the middle of that night for her ''pep talk''.

Wale still remains a close friend till date. Crush faded long before I left Nigeria.

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