Monday, 2 October 2006

Weekend was ace. I slept, wacthed movies and went to church. I have not worn a skirt in ages, so i decided to try my luck on sunday and was it bunzz? You need see how sexy i looked and to make my day everyone in church said i was looking beautiful. There was this guy sitting right in the pew opposite me and he kept looking at me. Well, we were both looking to be honest. Aftrer the service on our way out, na in i see say the guy dey wear wedding band! Pity!.

What else did i do o? nothing much. I have stopped drinking coke, now it is Supermalt and noodles. Between Friday nite and this morning, i have finished 6 bottles. I need to see a doctor next weekend to compalin about my new found way of life. For all you know, every problem in the UK has a name. Cant wait for the doctors to give this one a name as well.

Well, i also spoke to Ex on saturday night. We both decided that it is better he stays in a bed and breakfast as i will be away in Leeds. Me, i wont lie to myself. I am still very much crazy about him but the fact remains that i can not get it out of my head that he cheated on me. And for that reason i can not an will not take him back. Meanwhile, he asked me what he can do to make me come back to him. Simple thing i said.

Him: oro e ti su mi, woman.
Moi: man, ma je ko su e o.
Him: what is it that you think i can do to change your mind?
Moi: simple,you can walk from Abuja to Lokoja with a placard saying'' I LOVE TEMMY''.
Him: be serious now.
Moi: i am serious.
Him: i mean seriouslywhat...........
Moi: lets start with me having an affair with your best friend. Just for 2 weeks.
Him: are u crazy?
Moi: were u crazy before you asked the other girl out?
Moi: no buts, we go talk later. I wan crash o my dear. Sleep tight.

Teva:You better start saving for my wedding. I have started 1 week dry fasting For God to bring Mr Right very soon.
Not 2 ways, Bijou is Chief Brides' Maid once Mr right shows face.
Wedding planner(s) Belle and Mosaic. With the number of weddings they have been to, i think they are the perfect candidate.
Gotta dash now peeps. Have a lovely week.

And hey, my pastor said on Sunday that we can shape our destiny with our tongue. Always endeavour to say something positive about your job, your family, your body, your finances, your relationship and whatever.

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