Friday, 9 June 2006

I am yet to believe that 8 year olds can now use PROZAC! See what this world is turning into.How on earth can any sane person conclude that an 8year old can be depressed.What the heck will he or she be thinking about at that tender age that can cause depression,i mean like my friend said yesterday it is all a sales gimmick but then just imagine this scenario

Mom: darling arent u going to school today?
Child: No mom

Mom: Why?
Child. Cos i have a lot on my mind and i think i just wanna stay in.

Mom thinks for 5 minutes and conclude my child needs Prozac,if he can think so much and decide i dont wanna go to school he may be depressed.

Tufiakwa,go try that one for our obodo land nigeria,na cane you go chop reach school.
You no go school? You have a lot on your mind,my mama go ask if na you dey pay school fees abi na you dey feed the whole family.

See why i cant allow my unborn kids to grow up here.At least i have another point added to my growing list of why my husband must allow me take the children back home to their roots.

Enough said,i am in sweden at the moment.Beautiful country where everyone drives around with their head lights on 24/7. Its nothern europe and not as sunny yet as the UK but the weather is aight.I am here with two great pals to relax and unwind,when u have to much money see what it does to you.
I think the next place to visit now will be Greece,i always hear the Greek guys are rich and romantic,what else will a gorgeous chic like me be looking for. Will keep ypu posted as i start on my next project.Desperate times they say call for desperate actions.
I am going to the park with my friends. Ta

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